Zeinab Harake’s nursery tour has arrived!


Zeinab Harake and Skusta Clee (Daryl ruiz) are expecting their first baby together and they couldn’t be more thrilled. The couple have been busy preparing for the arrival of their precious daughter. In fact, Zeinab just gave a tour of Bia’s baby room and the whole room is fit for a princess. She turned to the interior designer and stylist She Uy for a little help, describing the vibe as very “princess garden”.

One of our favorite things about this nursery is the fact that Daryl created a logo for Bia’s name, which is incorporated into the design of the wallpaper.

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On the main wall, we see a painting of Zeinab’s mother.

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Visit of the Zeinab Harake nursery: painting

And near the door, there’s a mini tea party going on. We can just imagine how many playdates they’ll have here.

Visit of the Zeinab Harake nursery: afternoon tea

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The whole room is filled with white and blush furniture and gold accents.

Zeinab Harake Nursery Tour: White and Blush Palette

There is also a single sofa bed right next to Bia’s cradle. We assume that the proud parents will take turns spending time with their cute little baby there.

Visit of Zeinab Harake's nursery: nursery area

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Zeinab also included many wreath designs in the piece, like this piece of art:

Zeinab Harake Nativity Scene Tour: Crown Artworks

And the baby’s mobile also has small flowers, butterflies and wreaths:

Zeinab Harake nursery visit: baby mobile

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Watch Zeinab Harake’s Nursery Tour below:


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