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Best Xbox Series X Accessories To Buy – Controllers, Storage, Wireless Headphones (Image: MICROSOFT)

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the Xbox x series has been out for over a year now, with the much-requested Microsoft console still hard to find. Still, if you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to grab the mighty system back on one of the replenishments, you might be on the hunt for some extra accessories. And there are plenty of options to choose from, with great controller and headset options, as well as different ways to get extra space for gaming on your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S. If you’re looking for accessories for the Xbox Series X or S, has put together some of the options you need to consider …

Xbox Series X Accessories – Best Controller

If you are looking to get an additional controller for your Xbox Series X then there are a few options from Microsoft that you should consider.

The most profitable option is to get one of the standard first-party Xbox Series X and S controllers. that come in a range of colors.

You can get these black or white joypads that come standard with the X or S series, for £ 54.99.

Or you can get these controllers in some of the other colors Microsoft offers, like blue or pulsing red.

Again, these controllers will cost £ 54.99. But there are other themed controllers that will bring you back a bit more like the 20th Anniversary Controller or the gorgeous Forza Horizon 5 joypad.

Xbox joypads have long been known to be an extremely comfortable controller, with excellent ergonomics that make it comfortable for playing for long periods of time.

So going directly for a proprietary controller – instead of a third-party controller – is your best bet.

xbox x series controllers

Xbox Series X controllers come in a range of colors and are extremely comfortable (Image: MICROSOFT)

Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller is the best Xbox controller you can buy (Image: MICROSOFT)

xbox france design lab

Xbox Design Lab UK prices start from £ 59.99 to create your own bespoke controller (Image: MICROSOFT)

If you want the best Xbox controller you can buy, the Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller will be the one for you..

This controller is priced at £ 159.99 – just £ 90 less than the S-Series price – so you’ll need a big budget.

You’ll get what you pay for, however, as the Elite 2 Series offers professional game quality built for performance, along with huge customization options.

You can remove parts and replace them with others to create over 30 different ways to use the Elite Series 2 controller.

You’ll also get tension adjustable thumb sticks, a wraparound rubberized grip, and much more.

The other option, if you want to have something striking in your living room, is to head over to Xbox Design Lab and create your own unique controller design for the X and S series.

You will have a huge amount of customization options at your disposal, as well as the ability to create a distinct color scheme of your own.

Prices start from £ 59.99 for an Xbox Design Lab controller, but increase with the customization options you choose (such as personal engraving, rubberized rear grips, and metallic colors).

Still, if you go for the basic options, it’s not much more expensive than buying one of the standard Xbox Series X or S controllers – which is very reasonable given the huge customization options available. players.

Xbox Series X accessories – best headset

If you’re looking for a headset for your Xbox Series X or S, there is a wide range of options to choose from – with renowned third-party accessory makers like Turtle Beach, Razer, and SteelSeries all making Xbox headsets.

But one of the best all-around options is Microsoft’s own Xbox Wireless Headset.

This headset can be used on Xbox Series X and S, as well as Xbox One and Windows devices.

It pairs directly with an Xbox console and supports spatial sound technologies such as Dolby Atmos.

Unfortunately, you will need to purchase a license to use this feature, which costs £ 10.99.

Which is a shame, if you consider that part of the cost of buying your Xbox Series X or S headset, it doesn’t seem like too bitter a pill to swallow.

And the official Xbox wireless headset is available for the reasonable price of £ 89.99 which also helps.

xbox wireless headset

Xbox Wireless Headset is a great option for X and S series gamers (Image: MICROSOFT)

Xbox Series X Accessories – Better Storage

If you have an Xbox Series X or S, you might be looking for ways to expand your storage, especially if you have the Model S.

While the Xbox Series X comes with a 1TB SSD and the Series S has a 512GB SSD, in terms of usable storage (as crucial system files will take up space out of the box), the Series X has 802 GB and the S Series has 364 GB.

And when you factor in the size of next-gen games like Forza Horizon 5 taking up around 100GB, you might need to expand your storage at some point to install all the games you want to play.

Next-gen Xbox games require a specific SSD to run, so you can’t buy an external SSD for your X or S series. You have to buy one of the Seagate storage expansion cards instead.

These cute little accessories may remind 90s gamers of the memory cards you would need for the PS1, but instead of a few blocks of memory to save data, these cards are loaded with state-of-the-art SSD storage. .

You can get Seagate 512GB expansion card or 1TB – which are priced at £ 124.99 or £ 219.99 respectively.

These prices are the RRPs and might seem pretty steep, but if you shop around you may find discounts on the 1TB model.

Amazon Known For Lowering The Price Of The 1TB Seagate Expansion Card, so keep a close eye on the retailer’s storefront.

Amazon also stocks the Seagate 512GB expansion card, and the retailer has another option you might want to consider.

As mentioned earlier, if you connect an external hard drive to your X or S series, you cannot install next-gen games to play it.

You can store X and S series games on an external hard drive, and if you want to play it, you will need to transfer it to your internal SSD.

However, there are a few points to note. If you use an external hard drive, you can put original Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Xbox games on it and play those games.

You won’t benefit from the super-fast load times and SSD deals, but it will help you free up a lot of space on your internal storage.

seagate xbox expansion card

Xbox Seagate expansion card will give you more space to play X and S series games (Image: MICROSOFT)

And there is a competitively priced option that you can turn to. This hard drive recommended by is the Seagate Game Disc for Xbox, which offers a massive 2TB of space.

It is priced at £ 62.99 – which is considerably less than Seagate SSD cards – and also comes with one month of free Game Pass access.

If you are looking for a cost effective way to free up space on your Xbox, this is a great option. You will still be able to play Xbox One, 360, and OG Xbox games from this hard drive, while still making room for X and S series games on your internal SSD.

Also, interestingly, in our testing, found that the Quick Resume Series X and S feature even works on games installed on this non-SSD external hard drive.

Some games that required an internet connection to start up interrupted the Quick Resume, but for other games it worked perfectly.

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