Winter accessories reigning supreme in 2022: balaclavas, snoods and more

Cocooning yourself in winter accessories like cable-knit beanies and fringed cashmere scarves can be a no-brainer in the cold months, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room to play with. your look – and right now there’s a new crop of winter accessories ready to step up your outfit game in a major way. We’re talking about balaclavas and snoods and dicks, which editors and style influencers swaddle en masse to stay warm and take their “hits” to the next level.

Having embraced a number of quirky trends over the past couple of years, silk scarves! tiny bags! grandpa knits! – we are not at all surprised to see these playful pieces taking off at the moment. Both practical and trendy, balaclavas, snoods and dicks are a great way to beat the elements and a stimulating alternative to the traditional cold-weather staples that already live in your wardrobe.

Whether you’re looking for a new trend to get you excited or just experimenting with your seasonal layering system, get ready to duck into the best balaclavas, snoods, and dicks below.

Knit balaclavas and balaclavas

Once a staple among skiers, now a mainstay on tracks, balaclavas are perfect for those snowy days when your pom pom beanie, fleece headband or faux fur earmuffs won’t do. This full face mask will not only protect your ears from high winds, but will help keep you toasty warm without having to clutter up excess fabric. Best part? You can also operate this essential winter in mild weather. Just pull the hood down and wear it as a neck warmer.


Cool temperatures are here to stay – and snoods, which are essentially a less complicated version of infinity scarves, are exactly the kind of versatile accessory you want to experience in your purse or coat pocket. You can find snoods in all kinds of sizes and materials, from cable knit to sherpa style neck warmers that will keep you warm. Snoods are also easy to style, pairing well with most sweaters and outerwear already in your wardrobe, whether it’s a merino wool half-zip, a quilted puffer jacket. or a trench coat.


First cousin of the snood, the dickeys also eliminate the need for bulky scarves or turtlenecks by protecting your neck from high winds, while also serving as a mini sweater that looks great at Zoom meetings. Go for a classic neutral style to slip over button-down shirts or underwear, or choose one with a hood for maximum warmth and protection.

Dora W. Clawson