Weed Props for a Spooky Smoke Sesh this Halloween

This Love and Destroy ashtray is not marked as a cauldron, and it is actually a very small size. But the feel of the matte black steel material has a mystical quality that makes me feel like a cannabis witch. It also means it’s super durable and won’t break as easily as glass or ceramic. The 3D printed ashtray has a clean yet classy design, with thin bars as a sturdy base and a matching pipe that fits snugly on top, if you’re interested.

Designed to howl at the full moon, these unbleached hemp rolling papers from Papers and Ink Studio offer a more ceremonial option for rolling your herbs. Each King Size Indica Moon Howls paper features moon phase designs created by astrological artist Kerry Krogstad and made using non-toxic vegetable dyes and each pack comes with handy filters and a wrapping tool to easily roll into the package itself.

Whether you use it to pin your hair, as a joint holder, or to invoke higher powers, this handmade metal wand from the High Society collection is an accessory worthy of adoration all year round. Designer Erin Colvin explains that the Triple Goddess symbol is also known as the Triple Moon, a symbol that refers to the changing cycles of the Moon and the cycles of femininity.

Both for setting a ceremonial tone and for camouflaging aromas in shared accommodation, candles are key to a centered and spiritual smoking session. These herbalist-formulated candles from beauty and wellness brand CBD Make and Mary are literally made for ritual occasions, with notes of clarifying palo santo, holy basil, bergamot, ylang-ylang, cedar wood and cannabis itself. The beautiful cut glass vessel holding the wax comes with an airtight lid that you can reuse later for storing ritual supplies.

At six and a half inches tall, this cat-shaped pipe makes a statement at a winter solstice altar or any shelf. The ceramic piece is crafted with a food-safe matte black glaze, and there’s a handy carb on the back for a smooth hit. Although tall, the base is wide enough for a solid foundation that won’t topple too easily.

Want to smoke something special, but don’t have access to the right herbal ingredients in your state? There is a CBD for that. Sway makes cannabis- and tobacco-free hemp blunts that are wrapped in hemp plant leaves, and they’ve also collaborated with herbal brand Barbari on these extra-special flower petal-dipped versions of their blunt. of Thai Stick style hemp. The blue lotus has been part of Egyptian mythology, culture and medicine for thousands of years. Even today, the plant is considered a very mild hallucinogen associated with lucid dreaming.

At the heart of most interpretations of the word “witch” is a closer connection and respectful communion with nature. You can bring this nature-conscious energy into every session by taking a hemp wick when lighting. The slow-burning string only needs to be lit once to hold the bowl and/or joints around the circle, providing a small but steady flame for easily controlled burns.

Dabbers and concentrate lovers needn’t feel left out of smoky rituals – this one’s a splurge and a half, but you might teleport to another dimension when smoking with this surreal pipe from accessory brand Flora Nero . Designed specifically for smoking dry-sift hashish, you will be able to see the glass orb fill with smoke with each hit.

Dora W. Clawson