Tires & Accessories Magazine December 2021

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2021: Year in review

2020 has perhaps been too often described as ‘unprecedented’ due to the negative and unpredictable impact of Covid-19. 2021 has seen the pandemic grow into a more well-known entity, but challenges remain. For example, shipping prices remain sky-high and raw material costs, while falling, are also expected to put product prices under pressure next year. Thus, since this year, the market has become familiar with the type of adversity linked to the pandemic to which it was introduced in 2020, our review for the year 2021 looks back on how the market stabilized during recent months, examines current trends and ahead of what will happen in 2022.

Motorsport review

Motorsport in the UK has returned relatively quickly after its pandemic-imposed hiatus in the second and third quarters of 2020. However, Covid-19 is still greatly disrupting world series and events. While motorsport is generally well set up to adapt to relatively safe conditions for Covid – outdoors, over a large area, plenty of space for remote participants – logistical issues continue to provide a big deal. -Head to these upcoming events (and a step this far for canceled ones). That said, tire suppliers have successfully adapted to continue to innovate products within the sports lab; for example, Pirelli has prepared one of the biggest changes to Formula 1 tires in recent memory, with the highly anticipated 18 ″ tire replacing the current 13 ″ model in 2022. On the marketing side, the biggest tire brands have continued to pursue e-sports partnerships, the potential of which was revealed more than ever by the pandemic year.

Manufacturing & raw materials

The quality of a tire depends on its raw materials and the production process to which it is subjected. In a context of rising material prices and pressure on manufacturers to offer a more sustainable product, we are looking into this interesting subject in December. Don’t miss the manufacturing and raw materials section for next month.

Dora W. Clawson