Tips to enlarge your living room

With the growth urbanization, many people end up with smaller spaces. Learning the concept of “less is more” is therefore relevant. “Decorating a small space can be just as fun if you’re passionate about design. Small spaces can be a quick investment and can easily be decorated without thinking too much – you can also keep changing the decor over and over again as it’s pocket-friendly! said architect and interior designer Paushika Guptafounder of Paushika Gupta Architecture+Design.

Simply declutter

Start choosing the right kind of pieces for the room, so they are useful instead of just taking up space. The habit of decluttering will often make the area appear more spacious. To add more items to your living room, you need to get rid of the old ones. You can also opt for modern furniture that takes up less space and offers more compartments, such as a sofa bed, a chest of drawers accompanied by a TV stand or a folding table. You will finally make extra space for useful objects.

Insignificant, but significant

Either buy small pieces of furniture such as an ottoman, armchair or coffee table or opt for more elongated and tall units and place them against wall surfaces. This will ensure that they don’t take up a lot of space, while creating balance in the room. These declaration pieces must not be placed in and around traffic lanes. This would keep the overall view clear and the room appear larger.

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Lighter tint

Well-designed furniture when paired with subtly colored walls creates the perfect combination for scenic locations. Choosing colors like beige, light grey, mint green, baby pink or baby blue – makes the carpet look larger than usual. pastel colors reflect light and make the room brighter. You can also choose pastel wallpapers to add some funk to your home.

Dried flower arrangements are easy to make! (Representative image/Pexels)

A wall of mirrors

Mirrors are a small room’s best friend. They take up less space because they can be hung or set against any high surface. They act as light reflectors and make things appear further away than they actually are, making the room appear larger. Illusion mirrors can be used effectively. mirrored table top, chests of drawers and cupboards, for example. A custom piece of furniture with a mirrored surface can also make a statement in your home.

Make curtains safer

Be sure to stick to lightweight fabrics. Linen and cotton are the best options for your curtains. Sticking to basic curtains without any texture would be better suited to the space.

Also, if you choose curtains in the same color as the color of the walls, it will create the illusion of a larger room. Always hang them an inch higher than the usual length, which will provide more dimension vertically. Ruffled or elaborate curtains can complicate the whole look, so stick to the formula – plain jane curtains in lightweight fabrics.

Lights, shadows and more

For a natural light source, always keep the area well spaced. This will allow light to travel and illuminate the space, making the room look brighter and larger. Even if a living or dining space is relatively small, having two or three light sources can add more volume to the area. Having floor lamps or lamps installed in sconces will help you generate more space than there actually is. Deception is the trick!

Focus up

Instead of limiting yourself to prints and patterns, opt for decorative pieces like cushions, an ottoman or a small vase or a macrame wall hanging. A good rug can also make the hallway seem longer than it is. Fresh cut flowers or candles by the table can add a focal point in the room. Another important consideration is to have a beautiful organizer in the corner of the room, which will help keep everything in place while allowing cross ventilation.

Your small living room can also be transformed into a masterpiece with little tips and tricks!

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Dora W. Clawson