Tips for designing the nursery of your dreams


Do you dream of your perfect nursery? Creating a safe, functional, and most importantly, fun environment for parents and baby can be tricky. It is the very first place to design and decorate for your child. Here they will play, how and learn. This is the place you want to be the most beautiful and the most comfortable. The design of the nursery is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your home. But, with so many ideas available for nursery designs, how do you know where to start?

Here are some design tips and ideas that will help you find the perfect nursery design.

Modern nursery design

A contemporary nursery is perfect for those who want a space that doesn’t feel too stuffy or traditional. The clean lines and colors will make your little one feel like they’re in the middle of nature, which many parents find a great way to inspire creativity. The modern-inspired idea is perfect if you are looking for a more contemporary look that will grow with your child as they grow older. A monochrome color palette, bold geometric patterns, wool rugs, and modern furniture create a timeless design. Plus, the design is relatively easy to change as your child grows up, so you won’t have to worry about feeling like the design is out of fashion.

Traditional nursery design

A traditionally inspired nursery is perfect for those who don’t want their home to be too contemporary or modern. The soft and restful color palette will make it an ideal place to relax for you and your child. A traditionally designed nursery is also perfect for those who want their interior design to harmonize with other spaces in their home, or if you are looking for something that will grow with your baby.

Nursery inspiration

When it comes to nursery inspiration, you can find plenty of ideas on Pinterest or Houzz. You’ll want to look at nurseries in different styles: contemporary, rustic, and traditional, but keep the style of your home decor in mind. Also, you can mix two or three design styles to personalize the room.

Color scheme for the nursery

Whether modern or traditional in style, colors can play a big part in the look and feel of your nursery. If you’re going for modern, try light tones like gray, white, or pale pink. For traditional pieces, go for soft colors like purple, green, or blue, but avoid yellow unless it’s used sparingly as an accent color. Also, try using soft eye shades. Harsh colors are not good for a baby’s eyes.

Wall design in the nursery

A room without walls is not ideal – so you will need to paint, wallpaper, or add decals (stickers) to create a different look for your nursery. Wallpaper can look especially good when used as an accent piece on a room wall or on the ceiling. Decals can be a great way to incorporate more detail when you’re short on time and don’t want to spend hours repainting your walls in intricate detail.

Keep it simple!

Designing your nursery is a time consuming task that requires more attention. You need to decide on the colors, furnishings, and layout of your nursery to feel proud. It is important not to put too much pressure on yourself as it may cause you more stress than you need to. Simple decor will also keep the room more open for your youngster to grow and change. You can also use what you have around the house or refinish old furniture to match your new nursery theme. You want this space to be comfortable, safe, and welcoming for any visiting family member.

Nursery rugs

A soft and comfortable floor is a must for your baby. Carpets should be soft and durable. When choosing Chobi rugs, make sure they match the design of the room or complement its other features. In addition, a mat on the floor will make the play time more enjoyable for you and your baby. Also, while choosing rugs for your children, try to go for a soft, safe and easy to clean rug.

Nursery curtains

Nursery curtains should be soft and inviting to your baby’s touch, and easy to pull back in the event of a mess or sudden accident. The colors on the fabric can also coordinate with other elements in the room, such as crib sheets, toys, wall decorations, etc. For example, floral patterned curtains can also coordinate well with crib sheets and wall decorations.

Less furniture

It is best to limit the number of items in the nursery as much as possible to make it easier and safer for your baby to play and explore. If you need furniture or other items, try to buy an open-ended toy that can grow with your child, so that he or she gets the most out of it.

Baby room dimensions

The typical dimension of a nursery will be approximately 12 feet by 14 feet. However, the size of your nursery will largely be determined by the amount and type of furniture you find there. Don’t choose a room that is too big or too small for your baby to play.

Nursery color theme

The best way to choose a nursery color theme is to look at the colors of clothes you already own or items from home decor stores, such as curtains and linens. You can then combine them with contrasting shades of paint on the walls for accent pieces throughout the room.

Nursery lights

You will need a different variety of light sources in each part of the room for reading with the baby at night, preparing meals during the day, or keeping an eye on the child while you do household chores. Likewise, to make your nursery extra special, choose some fun decor pieces and lots of plush toys. Often a family sets out to design their nursery for the baby with only one or two of these light sources in mind while neglecting others that may be important once they have the baby on hand. . Additionally, the crib should be out of direct sunlight and provide a full view of the space, including a view of your favorite piece of art.


Designing the nursery of your dreams doesn’t have to be an expensive or tedious process. With these tips, you can turn any spare bedroom in your home into the perfect space for you and your newcomer! In addition, it is necessary to make the child’s room comfortable and safe. If you are looking for ziegler rugs to make the floor comfortable, RugKnots has a range of options for child friendly rugs that will make the search process much easier. Visit their website to start your purchase today!


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