Tiny Tetley – a new free art space for preschoolers

I spoke to Jack James, Head of Attendance and Engagement at Tetley, Hunslet’s own art gallery, about the new Tiny Tetley Studio.

Tiny Tetley operates 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Sessions take place on the second floor and are absolutely free!

The Tiny Tetley Studio is a new artist-designed space for children under five. Jack explained to me that he and his team wanted to make sure that the sessions were free so that they were accessible to as many people as possible.

Although The Tetley is a busy venue, hosting exhibitions, events and weddings, Jack had noticed that the second floor was less crowded.

This was where his quiet office was and he realized that due to more mixed work since the pandemic, this space could be better used as a new play area for the under 5s.

Jack put a lot of energy into organizing the space and invited initial proposals from artists. Stephanie Jefferies is the artist they chose – not only is she an artist, but she was a preschool teacher and is also a trained Montessori teacher.

Together they worked with Three Create, Yorkshire’s leading play space designers. Stephanie has designed a series of toys and objects for children to play with, and the newly designed space includes a climbing frame and a slide.

A custom sound installation by Buffalo Sound Design provides relaxing background music. There are three little spheres, each with a unique track, hidden in space and waiting to be discovered by little hands. The team even have breastfeeding aids crocheted by Leeds Bosom Buddies fb.com/Cityand HunsletBosomBuddies/

Jack describes the warm, bright light in the room as “exceptional” – and a safe, secure and beautiful space for families to spend time with friends and their little ones.

Watch this space as Jack and the Tetley team will soon be leading awareness workshops in South Leeds at the Hamara Center.

To access the artist-designed play space at Tiny Tetley, you must register for a free Family Pass here:

With the pass, you will also receive:

  • Special discounts at Tetley Bar & Kitchen
  • Access to other free family activities
  • Updates on their family events

Dora W. Clawson