This Utah Business Uses Your HVAC System To Make Every Room In Your Home Smell Good

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The Proust effect is the sensation of an odor triggering long-lost memories, according to neuroscientists at MIT. Just think of the scents that stand out most vividly in your mind.

Cool pines may remind you of a hike in the woods.

Pumpkin and spice cookies might bring you back to a visit to your grandma.

And how can you forget the smell of your baby’s skin or the scent of your grandmother?

According to Live Science, a long-forgotten scent can even make you cry.

So when people visit your home, you want to leave them with a pleasant memory and preferably not a strong memory of what you ate the night before.

When Kim and Kyle Thomas returned from vacation, they realized how their house smelled like their little dog, Tali. It was a stark contrast to the scent of the beautiful hotels they had stayed in, so they got to work learning how they could recreate that hotel experience through their home ventilation system.

After partnering with Stephanie and Rhett Marshall, owners of Air Design Heating and Cooling, their vision came true. They created a user-friendly diffuser unit that could be mounted near home HVAC equipment, delivering heavenly scents to every room in minutes.

Since then, about 1,000 homes and offices in Utah are reaping the rewards, and yours could be next.

Setting up your whole home diffuser is simple, and most of their customers install it themselves in under 30 minutes. Here is a video that shows how easy the installation is:

Within seconds of installation, your home will have scented natural and essential oils diffused through the ducts of your home’s air vents. And with Dry Mist Diffusion Technology, you don’t have to worry about residue build-up inside ducts or elsewhere.

After its installation, you can easily control and maintain the desired scent by programming the LCD screen attached to the unit.

A bottle of oil lasts from one to six months depending on how often you operate the device and its level of intensity. They have a lot of fragrance options to choose from and you can even get a discounted membership.

You’ve probably tried the traditional ways to make your home smell good: candles, plug-ins, melted wax, etc. These can often be expensive, ineffective, unhealthy, or even dangerous if you leave them unattended. Scented Vents offers a safer, healthier and much more efficient option.

Unlike candles and other common scented products, Scented Vents scents do not evaporate and can be customized to suit your home’s needs. They also accept pets and are safe for children.

For business owners, these scents can provide your customers with a cool, calming place to linger, and research from the American Marketing Association shows customers will stay in smelly stores longer.

During a year when you spend more time at home than usual, you can use a fresh scent to uplift your mood and calm your senses.

One 5 star reviewer said: “Being stuck in our house A LOT lately, our new purchase from Scented Vents was just what we needed! Our house smells great and we all love walking in the front door and smelling of. great smells in place of last night’s dinner or our beloved dog! The setup was so quick and easy and the great smells started immediately! Best buy we’ve had in a long time! The scented vents are the best !”

Once it’s set up, go ahead and microwave the salmon, burn the popcorn, and buy a few more cats, because the only thing your home will smell like is whatever scent you choose.

Do you want a home that feels clean or luxurious? Festive or soothing? With 25 fragrances available, you can choose the one that suits you the best. (Hint: 5-star hotels use Magnolia Zest, Lush Gardens, and Sunset Glow.)

For this time of year, holiday scents are a popular choice to add a festive touch to your home. From pumpkin spices to cinnamon sticks (It’s the season) and Christmas trees to candy canes, there really won’t be a place like home to the holidays.

If you’re curious about scent vents, there’s never been a better time to try it. At checkout, you can get the ScentedVents Whole Home Diffuser (up to 6,000 square feet) for $ 200 off the regular price and receive your first bottle of perfume for free. Use promo code KSL2021 to get the discount.

This offer is only available in very limited quantities until the end of 2021, so act fast. Click here to learn more about this offer. Delivery is free for standard shipping or you can pick it up from their location in western Jordan by appointment.

For more information on available products or to access video tutorials, visit

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