This time I … grew houseplants in my dorm – The Current

My family has a long history of a green thumb, but I always assumed that this gene was not passed on to me. I struggled to keep the plants alive; even so-called “beginner” plants like succulents and air plants got the best of me. With each plant I killed, I felt more and more bad about getting new ones.

Over the past year, I have felt really overwhelmed. I worked on things to help me focus and stay motivated.

We have dozens of plants in my mom’s house that have always made me feel relaxed. In the middle of my junior year, I decided to try the plants again after years of unsuccessful attempts. I decided not to start with a succulent, which I was bound to forget to water and kill like the others, but a ball of marimo moss. I swore to myself that if I could keep my moss ball alive for a year, I would venture to other plants.

I treated my moss ball like a firstborn. I put small crystals in her jar, took it home in a small bag full of water, and changed her water every two weeks for a whole year. When I moved into my dorm this year, I took a chance and bought a Monstera Adonsonii. It certainly wasn’t a beginner’s plant, and it collapsed dramatically in the first few weeks I got it.

I feared the worst, and in a last ditch effort to fix the wilting and yellow leaves, which Google said was due to overwatering, I gave it a little more water than I was using it with. ‘easy. Apparently overnight it was green and perky again. With more water, he quickly sprouted not one, not two, but eight new leaves. After my Monstera Adonsonii was brought back from near death, I have since shamelessly purchased two Golden Pothos, which thrive in addition to my previous plants.

All this time, I have dreamed of owning a monstera deliciosa. Mature plants can be incredibly expensive, however, and the ones sold around Davie were all too big to thrive in a dormitory. I took another chance and decided to try growing from seed. I bought a pack of eleven seeds from a local nursery and planted them in an ice cube tray. I covered them with a Ziploc bag and misted them lightly every four days. The nursery told me that the seeds would germinate and germinate in as little as 12 days, and after two weeks with no signs of growth, I was ready to give up. Sad that my green thumb wasn’t green enough to nurture new plants, I still sprayed them every four days in hopes that something would change.

Almost two months after planting them, something has changed. Two small shoots grew through the earth. Then four, then six, and now I have nine of the 11 seeds growing. I was able to replant four of them in their own individual grow pots, and they all have cute little monstera deliciosa leaves.

My plants are my pride and my joy. They are a great reminder of growth, both as a person and as a hobby. They keep me motivated and remind me that I am capable of doing things that I don’t always recognize myself in and never giving up on the things that make you happy.

Dora W. Clawson