These Stray-branded accessories allow you to transport your cat with a futuristic touch

Stray’s launch is right around the corner, and cat lovers everywhere have another reason to get excited. Publisher Annapurna Interactive has teamed up with Cat Travel Cat, a brand of travel accessories for cats, to unveil an official line of Stray-branded cat harnesses and backpacks for your real-life cat.

The first is the harness, a replica of the one worn by Stray’s furry protagonist. It features adjustable chest and neck straps secured with buckles and velcro. The six-foot reflective nylon leash helps owners keep track of their cats in dark alleys while still leaving room to explore. You can pre-order it today for $39.99.

If you prefer to give your cat the royal carrier treatment, the Stray version of Travel Cat’s popular “The Fat Cat” backpack is for you. This colorful bag can hold up to 25 pounds of feline and is made of breathable, well-ventilated material and a small bubble to keep the cat curiously watching the world. Pre-orders are open now and will cost you $139.99.

You can purchase both items, which are expected to ship later this year, from the Travel Cat website here.

Stray will launch on July 19 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC and will feature an orange cat looking for his family in a futuristic neon city inhabited by robots. You can watch the most recent trailer for the game here.

Dora W. Clawson