These are the most popular paint colors in every room

Whether you’re prepping the nursery to bring your little one home or finally getting ready to give your kitchen a well-deserved makeover, choosing the paint color for your home is an important decision. If you’ve been looking for inspiration in recent trends, look no further than Living Cozy’s recently released list of paint colors set to dominate homes throughout 2022. paint this year, researchers analyzed 12 months of Google search history and broke down the most popular color in each room of the house.

These are the most popular paint colors for your home

They found that the kitchen is the most redecorated area of ​​the house with a total of 6.6 million Google searches worldwide for kitchen interior colors. Overall, green was one of the hottest colors this year, ranking among the top three color choices for every room included in the study. The most sought-after shades are sage, olive and emerald. Additionally, the research also revealed that white, blue, and black were popular choices everywhere. When it comes to kitchens, classic white remains the most popular color with 8.89,500 annual searches on Google, followed by green with 7.28,500 searches and blue with 7.15,200 searches.

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In the bedroom, dominated by blacks with 3,96,000 annual searches on Google. The study authors believe it’s a popular choice because it can help facilitate a good night’s sleep. The second most searched color in the bedroom was white with 2,74,800 annual searches and green with 2,59,800 searches. In the nursery, green came out on top with 71,600 searches. According to the study, the soothing color is believed to aid concentration and reading skills. After green, people are most interested in painting their nursery white (36,200 searches) and brown (31,900).

Black was the most popular bathroom paint color, with 3,62,600 annual Google searches. The study notes that the trend, which garnered more than 2.2 million Google searches globally in 2021, is sleek, modern and chic. Perhaps less surprisingly, white was the second most searched color for bathrooms according to Google, with 2,52,400 annual searches, followed by green with 2,04,800 searches. In the dining room, green was the most popular shade with 38,700 annual Google searches. This is followed by blue (36,700 annual searches) and white (23,400 annual searches).

Of course, perhaps one of the biggest painting projects is the living room where people are most interested in painting their walls green (1,88,100 annual Google searches). According to the study, color symbolizes renewal and growth and can be the perfect way to bring the essence of nature indoors without overwhelming your space with plants. After green, people are interested in painting their living room white, which has 1,50,100 annual searches on Google. The color is timeless and can adapt to a variety of design aesthetics, from farmhouse to minimalist. Finally, blue was the third most popular paint color for living rooms, with 1,22,700 annual Google searches.

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