These are the best electric bike accessories for every rider

As great as the commute to work on an e-bike can be, worrying about car traffic and not having enough room to carry your essentials aren’t exactly what most people would consider to be benefits.

Lucky for e-cyclists and holiday gift givers, there are plenty of accessories out there that can make owning an electric bike ridiculously smooth.

From extra safety gear to more luxurious add-ons like Bluetooth speakers and bags, there’s an electric bike bonus on this list for everyone.

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With the Two Wheel Gear Convertible 2.0, you don’t have to choose between a backpack or a bike bag (or constantly moving your gear between the two). This bag will connect and disconnect from a bike seamlessly and the backpack straps can be stowed away while traveling.

And with a padded 15 inch laptop sleeve, bottle pockets, U-lock strap, designated pockets for your phone and a pair of sunglasses, you won’t have to worry about leaving anything. it is behind you.

This premium pair of saddlebags are designed to carry everything you need for a long trip. The roll-top access points are designed to repel water and block dust, and the quick-mount system is very easy to use. The Pro Plus bags offer an impressive 70L of storage capacity – if you can’t fit it here, you probably won’t need it on your trip. There are also 3M Scotchlite reflectors on both sides of each bag to increase visibility.

If you like the look of these bags but don’t need the pair, you can also buy them individually for daily or occasional trips.

GoPro’s latest action camera is a great way to record your e-bike rides, for fun and to protect yourself. It can record 5.3K videos at 60 fps with advanced video stabilization and take 23MP photos. This compact camera is compatible with most GoPro accessories, so you can grab a helmet or handlebar mount and get rolling.

The video can also be automatically uploaded to the cloud as you ride, in case you need video evidence after an accident.

The Lumos Matrix Smart Helmet offers security with a bit of sci-fi flair. Front and rear lighting reach 1000 lumens for increased visibility and the rear panel can be customized to display traffic lights and other fun symbols. A single charge of the headset should last approximately 10 hours. If you really wanna rip your e-bike up and pretend you’re in it Tron, this is the helmet for you.

E-bikes should have built-in lights, but it never hurts to increase the quality of the lights for safety (we actually recommend it). This compact and powerful lighting package will increase visibility on the road well beyond the average for built-in devices. There is also a mode with an interrupted flash pattern designed to grab the attention of drivers, even in high traffic areas with many different light sources.

Even if you have a super comfortable ride, it can still get a bit too bumpy on some roads once you pick up speed. The Thudbuster ST is Cane Creek’s latest and best suspension seatpost designed to cancel rough terrain. The seat post works against and absorbs bumps in the road so you don’t have to.

Check the specifications to make sure this product is compatible with your bike. If not, there is adapters available to help it function properly. There is also a adjustable version without tools for those less inclined to mechanics.

Don’t risk carrying anything in your pockets when riding your e-bike – if something hits the curb, you might not even notice it until it’s too late. This simple, waterproof Rockbros handlebar bag has room for your wallet, keys and other small accessories right from the start. The transparent compartment of the phone case allows you to continue using your phone for browsing while keeping it safe.

It only takes a distracted driver to turn a relaxed ride into a bad day. Make sure everyone knows you’re on the road with this 118 decibel motorcycle-style horn. It is a must have accessory for anyone who takes a bike through busy streets.

As a bonus, this horn also serves as an alarm. Set it as if you want to lock a car and anyone who disrupts your journey will be given a rude welcome so they know they need to back up.

There is no reason for car owners to have all the tunes. The Soundlink Micro is one of the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers and is a great cycling companion for long hikes or commutes. It’s much louder than it looks, designed to withstand all of the bumps and bruises that come with the bike, and is rated IP-67, waterproof and dustproof. The tear-resistant strap makes it easy to attach to the handlebars, or it’s small enough to store in a handlebar bag.

Tools aren’t exactly the sexiest gift, but anyone with an e-bike will thank you when it comes time to do some maintenance. From wrenches and hex wrenches to tire repair patches and a bike chain whip, this kit includes everything e-bike owners need for daily maintenance, upgrades and repairs.

Dora W. Clawson