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The smallest products can make the biggest changes in our way of life. Improving your TV can be as simple as adding an accessory, but the results – from adding portability, to changing the aspect ratio from landscape to portrait, to decorating your home – can have a significant impact on your viewing experience. Samsung Newsroom has compiled a list of the best simple and practical accessories made by Samsung Electronics to help you get the most out of your screen experience.

Consume content horizontally or vertically with the wall mount and auto-rotate stand

Have you ever wanted to watch vertical video intended for mobile on your Neo QLED or The Frame? With the self-rotating wall bracket and the self-rotating bracket,1 you can watch the content as expected. Simply press the rotate key on your remote control to automatically switch the screen from horizontal to vertical mode for the perfect viewing experience. Not only can you enjoy various content comfortably, but you can also enjoy the mirroring and vertical mode streaming features.

Tilt your screen the way you want with the Full Motion Slim Wall Mount

Long gone are the days when a TV was a device that was permanently attached to the wall in one orientation. These days, you can leverage the Full Motion Slim wall mount accessory to flexibly tilt your screen up, down, left, or right to view your favorite content in any posture or angle you want. desire.

Plus, the Full Motion Slim Wall Mount adapts perfectly to your wall, bringing the wall and your screen into close contact for even more comfortable and immersive viewing experiences.

Tidy up messy TV cables with the One Connect Box

If you manage to organize all your messy TV cables, you are already halfway done styling your TV room interior. The Neo QLED brings any living room together perfectly, thanks to the One Connect cable and the Slim One Connect box. With this accessory, you can quickly organize and eliminate distracting cable clutter, streamlining your home decor for a functional and beautiful space.

Turn your TV into a work of art with custom frames

The accessory that puts the finishing touch on Samsung’s The Frame, which features a picture frame trim that displays world-class artwork right on your wall, is a customizable bezel. You can switch between different color options to get exactly the look you want in your home. You can choose from the modern flat bezels available in white, teak and brown for a clean, contemporary look, or you can opt for one of the beveled bezels available in white and brick red for a more traditional design.2 Plus, the Slim Fit Wall Mount minimizes the space between your TV and your wall to blend seamlessly into any room.

If you don’t want to mount your TV on a wall, The Floor Stand offers another way to express your style and adapt to your space. As it is easy to install even in small areas, the floor stand is the perfect accessory to bring an artistic touch to any home.

Entertainment on the go with Sero Wheels

The unique rotating Sero has now become even more flexible with the Sero Wheels. For TV lovers who want to change both the orientation of their content and the placement of their TV, The Sero Wheels is the right choice. By allowing you to freely move your TV from room to room, this accessory helps The Sero adapt to any space or interior at any time.

Express your personal style with the Freestyle

A portable display, Bluetooth speaker and mood light – the Freestyle does it all in style. You can add a pop of color to the Freestyle’s clean, white design with a colorful range of rubber skins that feature Blossom Pink, Forest Green and Coyote Beige swatches. If you take The Freestyle outside when you go camping or attend a rooftop party, you can easily carry the device with you in a sleek and compact case.

Reinvent your space with the Serif

With its practical design that resembles the letter “I”, The Serif itself can be a centerpiece of any room. By using the flat surface above the top frame as a shelf, you can decorate The Serif to suit your unique tastes and preferences. You can display several handmade or limited edition items to add an accent to your home and make your space feel like you. Like any high-end shelf, the possibilities to elevate your room’s interior and grab the attention of your guests are endless.

*Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.

1 Compatible with Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K and The Frame models. Size availability varies by product line.

2 The number and availability of color swatches may vary by country or region.

Dora W. Clawson