The Ministry of Sports facilitates the development of local coaches – Guyana newsroom

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, through the non-profit group Allyuh Sports Image, held a strength and conditioning seminar for coaches of the 12 basic disciplines at the National Cultural Center on Friday. .

Coaches attached to the National Sports Commission (NSC) participated in a briefing exercise carried out by the group. Emphasis was placed on this occasion on the strength and physical condition of elite athletes.

American Shawn Benson, who specializes in this area, explained that it is an essential element in getting athletes to perform at peak levels on a consistent basis.

According to Benson, while visiting a training session with track and field athletes, he noticed that they lacked the equipment to do the necessary strength work, but the talent was very evident.

The veteran fitness trainer further pointed out that with proper conditioning, athletes can be able to do more and this acts as a cushion to reduce injuries.

Meanwhile, Dr Antony Bowen, executive director of Allyuh Sports Image, said another critical factor is ensuring they support athletes who may not have the ability to access necessary equipment, and for athletes relocating to the United States of America, assisting with their transition.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Charles Ramson Jr., who was present at the session, explained that it was important to improve the skills of the coaches to give Guyana a better chance to produce more elite athletes.

Training will be a key part of the Sports Academy’s elite training program, which is based on three pillars: daycare, tournaments and elite training.

Dora W. Clawson