The cat “bursts” into the baby’s room, lies down in the cradle to play with hanging toys. Watch | Tendency

The video of the cat lying in a baby’s crib playing with hanging toys was posted on Reddit.

A video of a cat playing with a few toys has become a source of joy for many on the internet. The kitten is seen playing lying in a crib after ‘breaking into’ a baby’s room. Shared on Reddit, the video is fun to watch.

“This cat is still sneaking into the baby’s room,” read the caption posted with the video. The video opens to show the cat lying in a cradle intended for a baby. The cute kitty is seen playing with the toys hanging above the crib. This continues throughout the video. At one point, the restless creature even looks at the camera but then continues to play with the toys.

Although it’s only 15 seconds long, you might end up watching this video more than once. Looked:

The video was posted about four days ago. Since being shared, the clip has racked up nearly a million upvotes and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to post various comments.

“Humans finally built me ​​a boxing gym, but still seem a bit upset when I go there to use it,” one Reddit user joked. “Honestly, I can’t blame the cat. Soft mattress? Hanging toys close at hand to play with? This is kitty heaven!” shared another. “My little boy whines for the iPad so he can watch his birds and squirrels haha,” posted a third. “Bonus points for ‘not really supposed to be here, but I’m a cat, soooo…'” wrote a fourth.

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