The best MacBook accessories to buy in 2022

If your MacBook never leaves you or if you’re more of an occasional user surfing social media and streaming your favorite series, there are plenty of accessories available to maximize the experience.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite picks for 2022, from cases that’ll protect your Mac on the go, to adapters and hard drives that help you manage your content, and speakers and headphones that will step up your next Netflix binge.

The best MacBook accessories to buy in 2022

USB C Hub Multiport Adapter

Increase the versatility of your MacBook with this portable dongle which, when connected, will create six additional ports and slots. These include an SD card slot, an SD TF card slot and output ports so you can connect to an additional screen.

Designed to be portable so that it’s easy to carry with your MacBook, this multiport adapter should provide high-speed data transfer without overheating, thanks to its aluminum shell and heat dissipation system which they claim has been optimized for safe use.

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve

MOSISO laptop sleeve on white background

Carry your MacBook in style with this range of colorful leather cases from MOSISO. It’s not just a carrying case: it should also protect your Mac with its waterproof PU leather material. and shock-absorbing structure, protecting your computer from minor bumps and scratches if it is accidentally dropped or bumped during transportation.

The main compartment is sealed with double zippers, and there’s an extra compartment so you can store any extra items like notebooks and pens without having to worry about them scratching the surface of your MacBook.

Concrete docking station

concrete laptop stand

One of the perks of being a MacBook user is portability, but where do you put it when you’re done for the day? That’s where nnorthdesign’s concrete docking station comes in handy.

Made from 75% recycled materials, this clever design will hold your MacBook firmly in place, freeing up any desk space and letting you know exactly where it is at all times. JThe base is solid concrete so it won’t move during use, while the interior is lined with 100% wool felt to cushion your mac and prevent damage.

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SEAGATE expansion external hard drive

SEAGATE expansion external hard drive on white background

Keep your MacBook free of unnecessary files and ensure all your important data is backed up with this external hard drive from SEAGATE. With a handy 1TB of memory, you’ll be able to keep all the important documents while easing the burden of large files on your MacBook.

Powered by a USB port, there’s no setup required, so you can transfer quickly and easily before continuing to use your clutter-free computer.

Apple AirPods with charging case

APPLE AirPods with charging case

Thanks to the wireless nature of Apple AirPods, they’re a handy headset choice when working from a MacBook on the go, letting you step away from your screen in a coffee shop or at your desk without having to unplug or to disentangle yourself.

Compatible with your Mac as well as any iOS device, they should provide up to five hours of battery life, with Siri at the ready so you can easily skip tracks or change the volume if you need to concentrate.

They’re also useful if you take a lot of calls throughout the day, and will automatically pause whatever you’re listening to when removed to save battery life.

Darkfield LOGITECH MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

Darkfield LOGITECH MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse

If you like the convenience of your MacBook but can’t get along with the touchpad, you can opt for a LOGITECH mouse instead. Designed to give you more control over your work or games, the MX Master 3 mouse can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth on the go, or connected via USB if you’re in the same place and need to recharge.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces (including glass tables), which is great if you’re constantly on the go and not sure what your next desk will look like. It also has MagSpeed ​​scrolling that lets you skim through documents at maximum speed to find what you need.

Once fully charged, this mouse should last an impressive 70 days, and when you run out of battery, it should only take a minute of USB charging to provide an additional three hours of use.

Dark Morandi Color MacBook Keyboard Stickers

Dark Morandi color MacBook keyboard stickers

If you want your MacBook to stand out from the rest, you can give it a personal touch with these individual keyboard stickers. Made from Avery vinyl skins, each decal should be bubble free and allow enough room for the backlight to pass to either side as they are cut to fit each key.

You also won’t have to worry about them fading quickly over time, thanks to scratch and water resistance, which means they should retain their color when you press on them.

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Bestand laptop stand

Bestand laptop stand

If you need a little height from your MacBook while you work, or want a better webcam angle on your next Zoom call or team meeting, this laptop stand may be for you.

Raised and angled to relieve stress on your neck and back, it should make your MacBook experience more comfortable whether you’re working hard or watching Netflix.

Made from 7000 series aluminum alloy, Bestand claims it has improved corrosion resistance and hardness compared to other laptop stands. There are also silicone pads on the MacBook stand to ensure it stays in place and doesn’t create scratches or surface wear, and is designed with ventilation in mind to prevent overheating .

Hardshell Reform

Reform Hardshell for 13-inch MacBook Pro on white background

If you travel frequently with your MacBook and are concerned about accidental damage, it might be time to invest in a sturdy protector. This Reform Hardshell case has a dual-layer construction as well as “parametric shock-dispersion technology” that should protect your MacBook in the event of a drop or bump.

Available in clear or black, each version has a scratch-resistant exterior to prevent any minor scuffs or scrapes. It also features air vents designed to align with the MacBook’s exhaust portals to prevent the device from overheating.

It has rubber feet to hold your MacBook in place while you work and should stay securely in place with secure snaps.

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Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod Mini on white background

If you prefer to listen to music out loud while you work, or want to turn up the volume while streaming your favorite show, the Apple HomePod Mini speaker might be the perfect MacBook accessory for you.

Boasting a 360-degree sound field, you should be immersed in audio wherever it’s placed in relation to your Macbook, with the speaker promising deep bass despite its miniature size.

With Siri built-in, you can set reminders and tasks yourself while you work, or check the weather and the latest headlines if you need to rush.

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