The best Dungeons and Dragons accessories for your next campaign

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If you’re looking for the best Dungeons & Dragons accessories for your next campaign, you’ve come to the right place. Scrolling the internet to find the right gear for your game is half the fun, but I’ve got a great list here to get you started. Pull out your D&D wishlist and get ready to add a few more items to it.

Dungeons and Dragons isn’t the only tabletop RPG, but it’s one that has captured the hearts and wallets of many, including myself. Ever since D&D began in 1974 with the first printing of the game, generations of gamers everywhere have come to the tables to have fun with new and old friends. The ground rules are endlessly adaptable and have inspired many tableless ventures, from TV shows to movies, video games, and, honestly, college. D&D is a game shaped by players, where collective storytelling, the mechanics of chance, and digital or physical game hardware come together to create the perfect campaign. But that doesn’t mean we’re there today; we are here for the proverbial loot.

A party can play with anything, really. I started with as little budget as possible: I had a free dice app on my phone and a laptop. However, once D&D had its claws in me, the appeal of D&D accessories was impossible to deny. Dungeons and Dragons accessories contain a wide range of potential items. From DIY D&D accessories and DM accessories to D&D map accessories and dice, you can never have too many items for a game. You start with a set of dice and end up with a room dedicated to D&D.

Accessories for your dice

Quick Diced Strawberry

It’s not a drill, this strawberry milk carton is the cutest little dice box I’ve ever seen and it can be yours. $14+.

Leather dice bag

A photo of a gray leather bag, a tan leather bag, a dark brown leather bag, and a black leather bag.  Each bag has a personalized nameplate and a silver buckle on the front.

A dice storage method that makes you feel like an adventurer on the go. $24+.

Cathedral Dice Tower

A photo of a gray cathedral dice tower with stained glass and moss detailing.

Yes, this little cathedral has fake moss on it, and it will also roll your dice. $70.

DnD Dice Tower Bronze

A photo of a bronze dice tower with a spiral staircase, boxes and several dice.

You don’t see a handmade 3D printed dice tower with a spiral staircase, ramp and small barrels in every TTRPG game. I want it yesterday. $55.

rolling scroll

A photo of several rolls of leather held together by interlocking leather strips with silver fasteners.

A great, affordable option for a trial dice roll that easily rolls up when you’re not playing. Personalization choices also make it a great gift. $10+.

Accessories to stay organized

D&D Initiative Tracking Chart

A photo of a wooden initiative tracking board with circular cavities labeled with Roman numerals one through nine.  Several round wooden pieces show the race of a player character and a symbol to represent that race.

As a DM, a good initiative tracker is anything that stands between you and your players in a fight. This wooden one is ready to help. $8+.

Spell and Ability Tracker Cards

A photo of several wooden spell and ability tracking cards with wooden cavities and etched labels for Dungeons and Dragons.

Wooden trackers like these are a great way to track spells and hit points as well as abilities based on your class. $17.

Pocket D&D Spellbook

A photo of a cream colored leather book with plastic spell card pages inside and a gold snap clasp.

It’s a small book with protective sleeves that can hold up to 40 cards for spells, items, or anything else you’d like to put on a small card for your campaign. $13.

Dungeon Master Screen

A photo of a wooden Dungeon Master Screen with two dragon engravings and an engraving in the center that reads DM.  The front of the photo contains several vials, leaves, cards and dice.

This engraved wooden DM screen is also magnetic with a latch on the front for easy cleaning. $46+.

The dice

Snowflake Metal Hollow Dice Set

A photo of a set of six silver and gold hollow metal dice with snowflakes on the faces.  The photo has two tags that read DND Dice and Hollow Snowflakes.

I love these snowflake dice with easy to read numbers. Talk about a great set for any cold weather campaign. $65.

Hollow Dragon Dice

A photo of seven golden hollow metal dice with dragons inside.

Here there are dragons. And by that, I mean inside those metal dice. $38+.

That’s all for today

D&D is wonderful, and Dungeons and Dragons accessories are just part of it. I started with a group of friends, but some people meet at game stores or local libraries. Trust me, this is a great game if you’re looking for a bit of adventure with friends. Once you start, you may not be able to stop. And if you are already a player, can I interest you in a book based on your class?

Dora W. Clawson