The best climbing accessories of 2022

Black Diamond Capitan MIPS Helmet ($100)

(Photo: Courtesy of Black Diamond)

The new Capitan MIPS features large vents and weighs just 285 grams in the small size, without compromising on protection. A two-piece ABS plastic shell covers a layer of lightweight EPP foam with a stiffer EPS foam puck at the crown, plus MIPS technology.

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Wild Country Offset Zero Friends Camming Devices ($390 for five)

Wild Country Offset Zero Friends Camera Devices
(Courtesy of Wild Country)

Boasting the narrowest head width of any cam on the market – 28.1 millimeters on the 0.1 to 0.2 – the Zero Friends are ideal for odd fits like flares and pin scars . Their soft aircraft aluminum heads increase friction and the wide 17.6 degree cam angle gives more expansion for smaller sizes. They range from 49 to 78 grams and feature flexible Dyneema uppers and adjustable straps.

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Trango Physic locking carabiner (from $17)

Trango Physic locking carabiner
(Photo: Physics with kind permission)

Small and lightweight, the Physic takes up less space on your harness than a traditional belay carabiner. But its wide top makes handling the rope and managing the Munter hitch just as easy. A flat lock nose prevents snags. It is available in self-locking (pictured) and screw-locking versions.

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Sterling IonR 9.4mm Xeros Yellow 60m Rope ($250)

Rope Sterling IonR 9.4mm Yellow Xeros 60m
(Photo: Courtesy of Sterling)

Sterling’s IonR line is enhanced with a new dry treatment that is applied at the fiber before weaving rather than on the outside of the finished rope. This reduces waste and ensures that the water protection lasts as long as the rope. The lightweight and versatile 9.4 millimeter version is easy to feed and scale.

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Arc’teryx Konseal 40L Bundle ($190)

Arc'teryx Konseal 40L Bundle
(Photo: Courtesy of Arc’teryx)

At 40 litres, the Konseal is big enough to devour your rack, rope, harness, shoes and helmet with room to spare – and it stands on its own, making loading and unloading a breeze. . The sturdy Cordura body and padded sides and bottom keep your kit secure, and the large top lid provides plenty of room for lunch and sundries.

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Mammut Crag Keylock Wire 10cm Quickdraw ($80 for six)

Mammut Crag Keylock Wire 10cm Quickdraw
(Photo: Courtesy of Mammut)

Mammut’s all new quickdraw combines a large snag resistant key locking carabiner with a stiff polyester dogbone for easy snagging. But a lightweight, metal-bottomed carabiner keeps the weight down, so the finished piece weighs a respectable 106 grams. Red fibers appear when the dog bone sheath degrades over time, so you know when it’s time to replace it.

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Ortovox Valbon Pants ($150)

Ortovox Valbon Pants
(Photo: Courtesy of Ortovox)

These organic cotton and hemp socks are stretchy and lightweight, yet still stand up to rough sandstone cracks without tearing. It lays flat under a harness, with a comfortable merino wool waistband and low-profile elastic cuffs.

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Pitch Six EyeSend Belay Glasses ($95)

Pitch Six EyeSend Belay Glasses
(Photo: Courtesy of Pitch Six)

These are the only belay glasses we have found with an adjustable field of vision. A simple flick of your finger lets you change your perspective from 60 to 120 degrees as your climber moves overhead, reducing the dreaded stiff neck.

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Hestra Climbers 5 Finger Short Gloves ($55)

Hestra Climbers Short 5 Finger Gloves
(Photo: Courtesy of Hestra)

Crafted from rugged goat leather with foam knuckle pads and neoprene cuffs, these comfortable fingerless gloves offer supreme protection for alpine or backcountry missions. But they’re also breathable enough for everyday crags.

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Dora W. Clawson