The best boat accessories for 2022

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Whether you’re new to boating or an experienced boater, there are always ways to bring more fun on board, while ensuring everyone has a fun and safe time on the waves, big or small. . These useful tools, toys – yes, we consider a cooler a toy, although useful – and other accessories are the things we want to have on board to make boating more fun. Some are inexpensive gifts, and some are a little more expensive, depending on what you’re doing with your boat and who you have on board.

The best boat accessories

What to consider

There are practical things you must have on a boat, like an anchor and life jackets and there are things you should have on a boat, like a first aid kit, but where boating gets really fun is how you accessorize your watercraft. With any boat, big or small, customization is king, whether you’re a speedboat, fisherman, lake cruiser or wave chaser. With these boat accessories, we’ve thought about the tools you’ll need on board and the accessories you’ll definitely want to have on board before you leave the dock.

The most important thing when thinking about accessorizing your boat is how something will be used. Is it something you need to have on board for safety reasons, but won’t get a chance to use, like flares? Is it something that will only be used once or twice a season, like an onboard grill? Or is it something that will give everyone a lot of fun?

We think there’s a good reason to have the necessary things, of course. But it’s also important to have some extra fun things on board, especially if the boat you’re buying for is a fun boat and you’re bringing friends and family for some top notch time. So, we’ve identified some of the most practical things to have on board, as well as some of the most fun things to store below deck.

How we selected

We’ve delved into all kinds of boating accessories and explored the depths of how people use their boats. We also thought of all the times we’d been on boats and didn’t have this a something we really wanted or wanted to do. We used it to guide us on an even keel when choosing these fun and practical accessories for boats and boaters.

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Best Portable Projector

6000 lumens rechargeable LED portable spotlight


Best Boat Cooler

52 Quart Ultra-Lightweight Cooler


Best Towable Float

Ducky towable deck tube for boating


Best additional life jacket

Stearns Classic Series Adult Life Jacket


Best cheap sounder

Striker Plus 4 with dual beam transducer


Best first aid kit

Marine 600 Waterproof First Aid Kit


Most versatile dry bag

65L hydraulic waterproof pack


Best SOS Rocket

LED rocket


Versatile hook and brush

Boat hook and scrub brush from 5 to 13 feet


Best Boat Grill

Cabo Adventurer Marine Series Gas Grill

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