The back room of the first resignation from the cabinet of Gabriel Boric due to the Mapuche conflict & More Latest News Here

Former Minister of Social Development of Chile, Jeannette Vega.

Real political chaos is what is happening in Chile after the surprising departure of the now ex-Minister of Social Development, Jeannette Vega. The revelation of a phone call made in May by one of his advisers to the main leader of Mapuche radicalism unleashed a storm that could only be calmed with the resignation of the boss of La Moneda.

Jeannette Vega is a doctor and a graduate of the University of Chile. His curriculum vitae highlights a doctorate. in public health from the University of Illinoisis a specialist in family medicine and holds a master’s degree in public health. In Michelle Bachelet’s first government, Vega served as Undersecretary of Public Health.

And it all started during the early hours of Thursday when Héctor Llaitul, after being arrested by the Chilean investigative police (PDI), was facing justice for five crimes. Check-in was normal until mid ex ante published a note revealing a call made by the adviser to the former minister, Tania Santis, to Héctor Llaitul.

The communication between Tania Santis and the Mapuche leader took place on May 11, when Llaitul was in controversy for having called for “organizing armed resistance”.. The transcript of the telephone contact is as follows:

Llaitul: Hello.

Santis: Hello, good afternoon, Mr Héctor Llaitul?

Llaitul: Yes with him.

Santis: Hello, my name is Tania Santis, I work with the Minister of Social Development, Jeanette Vega.

Llaitul: Already…

Santis: She asked me (to see) the possibility of contacting you and to see the possibility of being able to converse with you right away, by telephone.

Llaitul: Let’s see, let’s see, and how did you get my number? You or the minister?

Santis: Ah, I asked someone I knew in the area, but nothing special, no…

Llaitul: He gives me this information, he talks to me on WhatsApp and I see him there.

Santis: Yeah, perfect. how not thank you.

The call was transcribed in a confidential report by the IDP Macro Zone South working group. and it was leaked to the press the same day Llaitul faced justice. Immediately, the opposition took the opportunity to attack the government and demand the departure of Vegaa fact that happened this Thursday afternoon and which was confirmed by President Gabriel Boric himself.

The fall of Vega hits the government hard because She was mandated to take charge of part of the conflict between the Chilean state and the Mapuche people. Although the government tried to control the situation with an extraordinary meeting of ministers, the die was cast for Vega.

And although the prosecution admitted that the call was irrelevant to the case against Llaitul, La Moneda decided to nip the issue in the bud and remove pressure against him by accepting Vega’s resignationall this in the face of the possibility that the opposition brought a constitutional charge against him less than two weeks before the constitutional plebiscite.


The phone call from Vega’s adviser to Llaitul sparked a revolution in Chilean politics. The national secretary of the Renovación Nacional (RN) party, Diego Schalper, demanded a thorough investigation into the telephone contact and said: “I have to admit that if the background information we have compiled reveals an attitude that would support a constitutional charge, it is not something we have dismissed. We’ll find out in due time”.

Congressman Eric Aedo of Christian Democracy (DC) argued that “There can be no communication from the government with this terrorist”to add “how good that the minister (Jeanette Vega) resigned, it was the right thing to do. If not, it would involve the government and the president himself in a very complex situation.

From the Party for Democracy (PPD), Vega’s political home, they appreciated their activist’s decision but argued that “his only intention was to fulfill the mandate of the executive in terms of dialogue with all actors at a time when the government’s approach was that ideas could not be pursued”.

Although it is unknown who will officially assume the position left by Vega, it is currently occupied by the Undersecretary of the Portfolio, Paula Poblete. We bet that after the constitutional plebiscite, La Moneda will proceed to a change of cabinet.


Preventive prison for the leader of Mapuche radicalism in Chile: the crimes against him and the operation that put him behind bars

After the arrest of the Mapuche leader, the transport of passengers and goods to southern Chile has been paralyzed

The back room of Gabriel Boric’s first cabinet resignation due to the Mapuche conflict
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The back room of Gabriel Boric’s first cabinet resignation due to the Mapuche conflict
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The back room of Gabriel Boric’s first cabinet resignation due to the Mapuche conflict
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