The 7 Best 3D Printed Accessories for the Steam Deck

Ever since the Steam Deck was released, people have jumped at the chance to design custom 3D printed accessories. This was facilitated by the fact that all CAD files for the console were made public. If you’re running into shortages while trying to source an official accessory, or just want to add some extra functionality to your console, we’ve got you covered.


Below are some of the most innovative designs being created, most of which are free!

1. Steam Dock

If you don’t want to wait for the official Steam Deck dock to arrive, then try 3D printing this one available for download on Thingiverse. Its gorgeous design will satisfy your aesthetic needs, while the space to plug in a USB hub is the real reason you’ll want this fantastic accessory.

This design has space to store a USB-C hub under the dock, such as the Anker 341 hub. Its popularity also means the design continues to be refined in response to manufacturer feedback. For those with a smaller print bed, you can also get a design that is spliced ​​in half to fit. To top it all off, the maker includes a printable Steam Deck logo so your DIY printout will be as compelling as anything you can buy in the store.

2. Steam deck support with vents

This stand for your Steam Deck easily clips on and has convenient cutouts to allow airflow through the vents in the console. Its clean, minimal design is just what you want to display your Steam Deck in your home, and it costs so little to make, too.

People have described it as secure and stable, with a great viewing angle as well. It smartly locks into place using two screw holes on the back of the console for a perfect fit. Depending on the settings, it can print in about one to four hours and costs less than $1 to manufacture. Head over to the printables download page to get the files for free, and while you’re there, be sure to browse the many brands in the community for additional printing tips.

3. Clip-on stand for the Steam Deck

The release of the CAD files for the Steam Deck meant that anyone with a 3D printer could create the perfect accessory for their needs. In this case, the manufacturer wanted to use its Steam Deck in tabletop mode, similar to what can be done on a Nintendo Switch. The result is a highly functional stand that can be clipped and unclipped to hold the Steam Deck upright.

A convenient, sliding flap makes it easy to switch from tabletop to handheld, without having to remove the entire stand. However, if you wanted to remove it, it shouldn’t cause any scratches and its slim design will make it easy to store. The only additional parts you need for assembly are a few small flathead screws. It doesn’t fit in the Steam carrying case when clipped on, but the sleek design more than makes up for that. Learn more about this design and grab the files from Printables to try it yourself.

4. HDD and SSD storage expansion for the Steam Deck

Sometimes a commercial solution just doesn’t work for you and you have to develop your custom idea, like this storage expansion. You could buy large SD cards, but for this DIY maker, that wasn’t going to be enough for big game titles. Instead, they designed a clip-on extender to hold a standard HDD or SSD.

For those of you wondering what to do with an old hard drive, this is a great utility. Essentially, the 3D printed chassis has room for an HDD/SSD and a slot for a USB-C hub to provide the correct connection ports. Although not the prettiest accessory, it offers a specific solution for adding external storage. Take a look at the files on CGTrader to see if this is something you need, or use it as inspiration for your own design.

5. Steam Deck Cable Relief Attachment

Are you the type to have long gaming sessions until the wee hours of the morning? Then this cable relief accessory is for you.

It’s a handy accessory that will keep your cables and ports from deteriorating under the stress of prolonged use of your Steam Deck. The simple design also makes room for cooling vents and simply clips into place. And if you’re not convinced, just take a look at the YouTube video to get an idea of ​​its strength. There’s not much else to do, so grab the downloads from Thingiverse and give it a try.

If you want to find more 3D print designs or upload your own, there are several other websites you can explore for free 3D print files.

6. Steam Deck USB-C Charger Cradle

Cable management isn’t the most fun topic, so you’d be surprised how popular this cable case is on Printables. The design includes a sliding lid to reveal enough space to store your Steam Deck charging cable plus an adapter, and additional slots to hold four additional SD cards.

This all fits neatly into the bottom of the official Steam Deck carrying case and makes organizing your peripherals a little easier. Since uploading the design, the manufacturer has created a few more versions with larger storage space for those who have trouble inserting the cable neatly. The original print files were created for the US adapter, with later versions being released for those of you using a European plug.

Some people might find it too complicated to wrap the cable tight enough to fit inside the case. But for others it turned out to be exactly what they need, especially when porting the console.

7. Steam Deck Repair Jig

This 3D printed repair jig can be useful because almost all parts of the Steam Deck are user replaceable, so you can repair it at home with genuine spare parts from iFixit. That’s where this 3D printed design will come in handy.

This repair jig is intended to hold the Steam Deck in place while you make delicate repairs to internal components. The manufacturer notes that its design is similar to that used in iFixit’s YouTube teardown video. If you see yourself doing any repairs in the future, keep a bookmark of this handy tool that you can download from Printables.

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As more and more people start playing with the Steam Deck, it’s almost certain that we’ll see more 3D printed designs. It’s already great to see so many community builders come up with creative solutions to their problems. Hopefully more companies will follow suit to release CAD files in the future, so we can see more custom and personalized printed accessories!

Dora W. Clawson