The 10 Coolest Accessories Every Pokemon Fan Will Love

Pokemon enthusiasts have been trying to “catch ’em all” since its debut in 1996. For over 25 years, Pokemon built a global media empire with video games, trading cards, TV shows, movies, and more. There is even Pokémon-themed planes flying in the sky over Japan. An entire generation grew up with Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff and the other 900+ pocket monsters. With such a fanbase, there’s no doubt Pokemon will be there for many years to come.


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A true global phenomenon, Pokemon is estimated to be the most profitable media franchise of all time. This is partly thanks to the overabundance of Pokemon merchandise widely available online and in stores. There are some really awesome themed accessories featuring Pikachu and the gang. With a variety of price ranges and types of merchandise, buying a gift for a Pokemon a loving friend or relative can seem very intimidating. Nintendo Switch gadgets, clothing and neon lights are some of the coolest examples Pokemon products available today.

PERFECTSIGHT Nintendo Switch protective cover – Pikachu

It’s always a good idea to protect valuable electronics. It’s a dangerous game to walk around with a cell phone or laptop without a case. If a gamer constantly uses a Nintendo Switch, it would be a good decision to protect it as well. With the Pikachu-themed Nintendo Switch PERFECTSIGHT case, fans can protect their gaming console in style. The yellow case features images of everyone’s favorite electric guy Pokemon and provides protection for both the console body and the two Joy-Cons. There is also a black Pika version.

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PowerA Pokemon Wireless GameCube Style Controller for Nintendo Switch – Pikachu

If one is unfamiliar with PowerA, they make loads of fun, branded video game accessories. They make some really neat controllers and cases, including many Pokemon options. One of their best Pokemon-themed devices is their GameCube-style wireless controller for the Nintendo Switch. If a player plays a Pokemon character like Pikachu, Jigglypuff or Mewtew in Super Smash Bros. and prefer a vintage GameCube-style remote, then this controller might be the perfect option.

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HORI Gaming Headset for Nintendo Switch – Pikachu

Both casual and professional gamers need a quality gaming headset. These headsets allow gamers to hear every detail of a game and communicate with their teammates when playing online. Pokemon Superfans can get a quality headset while representing their favorite franchise with this Pikachu-branded gaming headset for the Nintendo Switch. They connect easily to the console and have a convenient power button and volume button on the left earcup. Available in black and white, these helmets are great fun.

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eKids Pikachu Wireless Headphones for Kids

If a young fan needs a non-gaming headset and still wants to show off their Pokemon patronage, these fun Pikachu kids headphones are a great option. A child could listen to his favorite songs Pokemon shows and songs, as well as watching YouTube videos or playing games without disturbing anyone nearby. These headphones are absolutely adorable, have long battery life, and easily connect to any Bluetooth device.

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Antank Poké Ball Charging Stand for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has always found success in handheld consoles. From the Game Boy to the Switch and everything in between, having the ability to play games on the go is amazing. Switch gamers may be able to take their systems wherever they go, but sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect place to prop them up. Worry no more because Antank has created an accessory that not only holds a Switch but charges it at the same time. And like some of the cutest Pokémon, the best part is that this thing is tiny! Measuring approximately two by two inches, gamers can easily take it wherever they bring their Switch.

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HORI travel bag for Nintendo Switch

Taking a Nintendo Switch on the go has its challenges. Preventing damage and bringing in extra games, controllers, and accessories can be tricky to accomplish. Unless a player owns the HORI Nintendo Switch travel bag. This officially licensed product is capable of holding everything a gamer would need, and its shoulder strap makes it comfortable to carry. They have several options for Pokemon enthusiasts, including the Pikachu, Legends, and Poké Ball varieties, so the only real challenge is knowing which option to select.

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JINGDU Switch Game Case Holder – Pokédex and Pikachu Versions

It’s always incredibly frustrating for players when they can’t find the game card they want to play. JINGDU Nintendo Switch Gaming Case not only helps keep gamers organized, but it also protects games from potential damage. The hard case prevents damage from drops and the inner silicone lining prevents scratches. There are 16 slots that each hold a Switch game card and a micro SD card. There are many Pokemon-thematic options, but the coolest has to be the Pokédex design because every true Pokemon trainer needs a Pokédex.

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Poké Ball Neon Sign Game Decor

Young fans no doubt have heaps of Pokemon goods in their rooms. Posters, displayed maps, and collectibles line their walls and shelves. This neon from E BoomWL can bring the whole room together and bring joy to their little faces. It is bright, dimmable and powered by a USB cord. It comes with everything needed to hang it up and would be a great addition to any child’s bedroom or playroom.

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Pokemon Boys Poké Ball Hoodie

to be the greatest Pokemon fan, sometimes dressing the part is in order. Stay warm and show some Pikachu love with a Pokemon hoodie. Of course, there is a large choice of Pokemon son, but this Poké Ball hoodie really stands out. It may look like a typical Poké Ball, but upon closer examination, the ball is made up of over 80 Pikachus in various poses. This gray hoodie will put a smile on any youngster’s face Pokemon the face of the fan every time he puts it on.

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Pikachu Itazura electronic piggy bank

Variants of piggy banks date back to the 2nd century. Young and old have fond memories of filling their piggy bank with every penny they could find. Young Pokemon will love this electronic piggy bank from Itazura. Every time a coin is inserted, Pikachu makes some of the adorable sounds fans all know and love. It’s a great gift for anyone Pokemon young loving.

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