State of the art: how to profit from YouTube in 2022

*** This article originally appeared in the Jan. 22 issue of Animation review (N ° 316) ***

There are several ways you can stand out from the crowd and make money on YouTube. As a video sharing and social media platform that reaches billions of users every month, it’s no surprise that YouTube caters to a wide range of interests. As such, the opportunities for content creators to make a living are virtually endless.

Even though YouTube is saturated with content creators, there will still be space for new creators to make their name. In fact, the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2020 are in the genre – Jeffree Star’s cosmetic beauty videos have grossed him $ 15 million, while Ryan Kaji’s content for kids ages two to six has grossed $ 29.5 million. As a new creator trying to break into the YouTube scene, your niche might range from prank videos or animated videos (hello, Talking Tom and his Friends!), or even long-form content, like movies. Based on our expertise, here are some tips to help you get ready to make money on YouTube, whatever your niche.


Raw passion and focus is what makes a great YouTube

Passion is the number one characteristic shared by the top creators on YouTube. This passion will make it possible to create content effortlessly on the days when you really don’t want to create content. Being a content creator becomes a job when you do it because you need to, not because you want to. Regardless of the industry, people burn themselves out because they lose their passion. Focus and passion is what sets some of the greatest YouTubers apart from the rest.

The Aux Mode team works with Survivorman Les Stroud, and has seen him grow his channel by over one thousand percent in just one year. As a result of his passion and creating content for his audience based on his niche, Les has seen a more than one thousand percent increase in channel views, watch time, subscribers and revenue.

Les is one of the many people who have been able to make a living on YouTube by being unique and authentic. Take the YouTube animation artist Pencilmation, for example. The Pencilmation channel features the same cartoon characters, Pencilmate and Pencilmiss among them, as they take their viewers on various exciting adventures. The authentic and charismatic personalities who appear throughout their career have conquered the Internet. With 19.3 million followers, the animated-sensation Pencilmation is a true testament to the ability to make a profit on YouTube.

It’s worth mentioning how some YouTube channels are much more successful than others, even when they cater to similar interests. Take animated channels, for example. The CoComelon channel offers families entertainment and educational content for young children; he is famous for his rhymes and has amassed 122 million subscribers the subscribers. It is the same Talking Tom and his Friends – the famous Outfit7 application developed into an animated series aimed at an audience of four years and over. Talking Tom’s YouTube channel is an additional but legitimate income stream that comes with the app. However, the Antoons YouTube channel, although it also publishes animated content, has developed a notoriously controversial reputation. As a result, it failed to capture viewers’ attention, diminishing the earning potential.

Talking Tom and his Friends

Talking Tom and his Friends

Advertising and merchandising

Most of the revenue generated by YouTube will come from ads. YouTubers receive 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers’ ads that appear on their content. The estimated revenue that the average YouTube creator could expect to receive ads on a new video on their channel if everyone watched the ad on their video and the advertiser paid the average CPM of $ 9.00 is 55 % x $ 9.00, which equals $ 4.95 per 1,000 views. (See Aux Mode’s YouTube Income Calculator at to determine your potential income!)

The following is a list of other sources of income on YouTube that you can generate income from, starting with the merchandise. You don’t need to have millions of subscribers to sell products on YouTube. The ancillary income from merchandise sales can on average cause YouTubers with 10,000 subscribers who sell about 10 products per month to accumulate $ 100 or $ 1,200 per year in additional income.

Steps to sell your merchandise:

  1. Use a quirk, joke, or character unique to your channel to develop products!
  2. Engage with your audience to see if your products are something that they might be interested in purchasing.
  3. Promote your products in your videos, wear your products in your videos, etc.
  4. Create sponsored content that can complement your content library. Find a brand that’s right for you and make a deal with them for a flat rate plus a fee increase if the video hits certain KPIs (views, watch time). And always let your audience know that the video has a sponsor.


As YouTube changes, which inevitably will be the case, we need to change the process as the existing iterations get older. As soon as you think you know, you will be surprised that the steps you took yesterday are no longer the steps of today. Regardless of the stages, the main way to generate income is to regularly download genuine content. Whether you’re a YouTuber or a TV and movie maker, the same rule applies.

Today’s YouTube is nothing like it was 10 years ago – it’s better and will continue to grow. With the streaming platform’s revenue growth at an all time high, now is the time to download.

Adam Rumanek is the Founder and CEO of Aux Mode, a digital rights management and revenue reporting platform that provides content rights management and financial data. For more information, visit

Adam Roumanek

Adam Roumanek

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