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Spotted! Bonterra’s art installation for a better planet

Kruger’s more eco-conscious brand turns its tagline into a habitat for plants and pollinators.

Bonterra has a new outdoor advertisement that serves three functions: in addition to promoting Kruger’s recently launched brand, it is also an art installation and wildlife habitat.

The activation, floating on the water near the concert stage at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, states Bonterra’s slogan “For a Better Planet”. But Kruger also worked with gardeners and nurseries to surround the letters with plants like milkweed, coneflower and aster, plants that help Ontario’s native pollinators thrive.

A nearby sign not only explains what’s going on with the setup, but a blank space at the top frames the setup and – depending on your perspective – various lakeside views and environments that the brand says it’s trying to protect. He also encourages passers-by to take photos of the installation and spread his message on social media.


Bonterra is made from 100% recycled paper with Forest Stewardship Council chain-of-custody certification, packaged in plastic-free packaging, and produced with carbon-neutral manufacturing in Canada.

The idea for the installation came from Kruger’s North Strategic PR agency, who worked with MASSIVart to create it. Wavemaker provides media support on the larger campaign, where Broken Heart Love Affair handles high-end creative.

The installation lasts until September 6.

Dora W. Clawson