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Welcome to our ‘Far Cry 6: What are Guerrilla Camps and their expansions?’ to guide. This part of the Far Cry 6 guide covers Guerrilla Hideouts. Our guide will tell you what guerrilla camps are, how to get to them in the game world, what additional safe zones are, and how to expand them by creating new facilities.

Far Cry 6: What is a Guerrilla Hideout?

Guerrilla camps are some of the greatest allies in the game. Friendly rebels from various organizations live here to help you topple Anton Castillo.

Here is the list of the main camps. During the main missions in Madrugada, El Este and Valle De Oro, you will be able to see all of the guerrilla hideouts for the first time. You can freely return to a safehouse after finding it (as well as quickly travel there).

In hideouts, the game leans towards the TPP perspective, although this has no effect on gameplay. This is a cosmetic change to show you how your character appears with all your gear.

Far Cry 6: What is Montero Farm?

Montero Farm is a rebel stronghold in Madrugada. Complete Operation Meet the Monteros, the region’s first big task.

After completing the prologue, you can start all three camp unlock tasks. Completing them quickly unlocks unique camp gear and more accessible fast travel locations.

Far Cry 6: What is Patriotas Peak?

Patriotas Peak is a rebel stronghold in El Este. It is unlocked by completing the region’s first major mission, Meet the Legends.

Far Cry 6: What is Camp Maximas?

Camp Maximas is a rebel stronghold in Valle De Oro. Complete Operation Meet Maximas Matanzas, the region’s first major task.

Far Cry 6: What are the other safe hiding places?

In the game world, rebels are not only housed in guerrilla camps. The largest ally area is Libertad Island, which is visited after the prologue. Juan’s Workshop is on the island, where you can craft Supremos and Resolvers. Unfortunately, it lacks features compared to other camps.

Later in the campaign, you can encounter guerrilla soldiers, use workbenches, and accept quests. On the global map, these are all blue icons.

Far Cry 6: What are the characteristics of guerrilla hideouts?

Visit Guerrilla Hideouts to unlock additional missions, either Operations (main quests) or Yaran Tales (side quests). You can check the tasks without going to the shelter. In-game mission icons should appear next to the safehouse symbol.

All hideouts feature adjacent car and mount pickup sites for quick transit. To add extra cars to your garage, transport them to the hideouts, as military vehicles cannot be “rescued” by scanning them with your phone.

Los Bandidos activities are displayed on notice boards in the hideouts, as shown in the book. To start a quest on a Los Bandidos board, remember that you can use a You can assign missions to your commanders and regulate their approach. Los Bandidos missions provide rare crafting materials, pesos, and equipment.

Each refuge has a workshop, which allows you to improve your equipment and your rides (unique vehicles). Tables are scattered around the game environment, although those in guerrilla camps are the easiest to use.

You can also play two mini-games in the hideouts: dominoes and cockfighting. Both minigames are covered in the manual.

Lola describes the specialized activities for each insurgent stronghold, which are detailed on another page. Special operations too. Each requires a bioweapon cartridge. To get Moneda, Lola trades Rebel Commanders (a new mechanic unlocked after beating the main story).

Far Cry 6: A list of all facilities

The construction office where you can chat with the foreman deserves its own explanation. The workstations are in each of the three main guerrilla strongholds. Buy new installations with them. This unlocks new items and NPCs that provide unique services.

You pay for tasks using crafting materials found while traveling around the world (especially enemy bases). Each project has three levels. You don’t have to reach higher levels instantly, but you’ll have more choices or earn more money if you do.

Each side can only have two installations. Luckily, you won’t lose any of their benefits. The gear you missed can be crafted in future camps, so you’ll all be able to access it.

All available facilities are listed below:

Hideout Network: This grants you access to the wingsuit, which is essential for exploring the area and completing objectives. It also unlocks new hiding places. They can be used to replenish supplies, gather information, or use the workshop. Buying knowledge of new hideouts makes it easier to add them to the map, which is essential early on when you haven’t found many.

Guerrilla Garrison: This facility helps you better equip the Rebels for war. Laptops can also be found around hostile FND sites. Interacting with them disables security systems, which simplifies basic takeovers.

Fishing Shack: If you want to go fishing, this might be for you. The Fishing Lodge allows you to get fishing gear and perks. You can also purchase fishing site information, which makes it easier to find certain species.

The Cantina: The Cantina allows meals to be prepared, which can be ordered or prepared yourself using cauldrons over bonfires in other hideouts. Meals temporarily increase your character’s combat powers or resistance to fire or poison. They are not free and require meat from game animals or seafood.

Bandidos Barracks: This facility allows you to acquire special guerrilla gear not available from Juan’s weapon vendors. You can also recruit additional Lost Bandidos for the aforementioned Los Bandidos activities.

Hunter’s Lodge: If you want to go hunting, this might be for you. The lodge sells hunting gear and buffs. You can also purchase hunting site information, which makes it easier to hunt certain wildlife species.

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