Selections of the week: seasonal flavors

With the wide variety of scents available today, there is a scent profile to match every consumer’s preference and favorite season. While some, like Lenise, are still savoring the comforts of winter, others, like Anne-Marie and Alex, are already anticipating spring and summer. Read on to find out which scents they’re enjoying this week.

Lenise Willis’ Pick: Warming Scents of Scotland

While at the Atlanta Market, I had the pleasure of visiting the Scottish International Development booth and reception. There I met some fine makers from Scotland, including a gentleman from Essence of Harris, who make natural soy wax candles.

Based on the Isle of Harris, the candle company produces fragrant home fragrances like this Frosted Cranberry candle with notes of sweet cranberries, tart orange peel and a warm hint of cinnamon. Not only does the candle smell like a hint of the holidays (which you can still burn all winter long), but its container and packaging are visually stunning. The garnet pattern on the candle itself adds a touch of sophistication and the gold foil pattern on the wrapper makes it look expensive and special. It’s just what I needed to spend another winter in Chicago.

Editor’s Note: Send them a note via “Contact Us” for wholesale or find them on Make.

Anne-Marie Earl’s choice: a fresh fragrance

watermelon scent

I mark the end of each season by deep cleaning my home, changing seasonal decor, and swapping out previous scents for something to commemorate the new time of year. At the end of the Christmas season, I’m ready to put away the woodsy or sweet scents and burn – or diffuse – something cooler.

Earlier this month I went to see one of my favorite companies to help lighten the feeling in my home during what can be quite a dark and cold month. Voluspa just released a new fragrance, Kalahari Watermelon, and I’m so glad I picked it up. It’s crisp and fresh, with notes of iced watermelon, squeezed lime and holy basil. The throw is amazing and the scent has me dreaming of warmer, sunnier days, even though there might be snow in our forecast.

Alex Herring’s choice: a smart fragrance

My husband is a techie, so as you’d expect, our house is filled with all kinds of smart home devices. There’s a smart home assistant in every room, a smart TV, a smart lock on the front door, and a smart thermostat. We even have a Wi-Fi enabled smart grill and smoker! So when I heard about Pura last year, I knew it was something my husband would love to own too.

Using its companion smartphone app, the Pura Smart Home Diffuser is able to set custom scent intensity and release schedules (there is both a home mode and an away mode). It also has slots to add two different scents, so you can create your own custom scent blend. Right now we’re using a blend of Linen and Surf scents, which adds a clean, breezy smell to the whole house. It’s so refreshing, I’m already ready for the beach!

Dora W. Clawson