See photos of Kylie Jenner’s son’s bedroom

So blessed! Kylie Jenner gave fans a glimpse of his son Wolf Webster’s nursery and baby gifts in a touching video tribute.

the old keeping up with the Kardashians star, 24, who shares daughter Stormi Webster and newborn Wolf with her boyfriend Travis Scottreleased a clip titled “To Our Son” via YouTube on Monday, March 21, featuring behind-the-scenes footage from her second pregnancy.

Some of the footage included a mini tour of Wolf’s beautiful nursery. The bundle of joy, born on February 2, 2022, already has a stellar sneaker collection, plenty of classic children’s books — like good night moon — and other special decorations. For example, the videographer made sure to zoom in on Wolf’s limited-edition Louis Vuitton teddy bear.

Although the price of the stuffed animal is not indicated on Louis Vuitton official website, the item costs $9,000.00, according to multiple outlets. Of course, with Kylie and Travis, 30, as parents, Wolf and Stormi, 4, only get the crème de la crème!

“Kylie is constantly showering Stormi with gifts — expensive jewelry, the latest gadgets, you name it, Stormi has it,” a source previously told Way of life. “She can deposit up to $100,000.00 in a week on her baby girl! » From Wolf’s bedroom, it doesn’t look like Kylie is pinching pennies with her second child either.

That said, not all of the California native’s fortune goes to her offspring. Kylie makes it a point of honor to spoil herself too! “She spends at least $300,000.00 on fashion every week. She has rooms full of things she’s only worn once,” the insider added. “She’s bought cars just to match her outfits.”

Aside from high-end fashion, Kylie also has a good head for real estate. “She is even considering buying a private island and making it a retreat so she can relax undisturbed,” the source noted. “She wants to continue to expand her portfolio – in California and other states and countries.

The best part? Kylie has a custom private jet to take Stormi, Wolf and Travis anywhere in the world in a heartbeat!

Scroll through the gallery below to see pictures from the nursery of Kylie Jenner’s son, Wolf Webster.

Dora W. Clawson