Secret nursery camera captures dog happily sneaking into baby’s room and dancing

The mischievous pup, named Beef, isn’t allowed in the baby’s room but took full advantage of it while the owner was away and seemed quite amused by his own sneaky antics.

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Dog filmed doing a ‘dance’ in child’s nursery

A cheeky dog ​​was caught on a secret daycare camera sneaking into a ‘forbidden’ room in the house and dancing for joy.

The mischievous puppy, named Beef, is not allowed in the baby’s room, his owner says.

But since they weren’t there and Beef was allowed to roam freely by the babysitter, he took full advantage.

The ox can be seen on the nursery camera carefully walking its legs around the room.

Once safely inside, he rolls around on the carpet, appearing to be celebrating or dancing.

The footage, first posted in 2017 and which has since resurfaced, went viral with millions of views on social media and Beef gained internet fame.

The dog can be seen rolling on the ground excitedly


@fearsupply / TikTok)

In the caption of the video, Beef’s owner says, “This is my dog, Beef. Beef is not allowed in the baby’s room when we’re not there.

“That day, the babysitter gave him free rein at home, so he took full advantage of it.

“As you can see, he really enjoyed himself.”

The footage went viral after its release


@fearsupply / TikTok)

Viewers loved the footage, with many commenting on how “cute” the dog looks.

One joked: “Kids will be kids. If you tell them they can’t do something, it only makes them determined to do it whenever they get the chance.

“This dog knows exactly what he’s doing. “He’s naughty and enjoying every minute. MDR.”

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