Ruffwear Upcycled Dog Gear offers a limited run of colorful accessories for your pup

Ruffwear scuttled the cutting room floor to build their new pet gear. The colorful Meadow Stream collection in small batches can help you shop for your furry friend without making more waste.

Ruffwear’s upcycled Meadow Stream line is simple and straightforward, just like the objective of the project: to reduce waste by recycling it.

The outdoor pet gear maker collected leftovers from previous products to make the three-piece line a reality. A harness, clip-on waste bag dispenser, and packaged food and water bowl make up the collection.

It’s the brand’s first foray into recycled gear and appears to build on its stated mission to “improve the lives of all dogs and their human companions”. Learn more about Ruffwear’s sustainability efforts.

the Webmaster The harness (MSRP $60 for all sizes) features reflective accents, a reinforced carry handle and a padded back for added comfort. Five adjustment points help it fit doggos in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The XXS harness fits dogs with chests 13-17 inches in diameter; the XXL is suitable for 32-42 inches.

the storage bag (MSRP $25) gives you plenty of room to organize essentials like your keys and phone. Access the collection bags from the rubber grommet on the back. At about 6 x 4 x 1 inch, it should prove easy to take anywhere.

prairie ruffwear stream line

Finally, the foldable fabric Extinguisher bowl (MSRP $15) holds 4.2 cups of food or water to keep your furry friend energized on the trail.

ruffwear prairie stream bowl

“With a little creativity and ingenuity, surplus fabric from discontinued gear can have a new perspective on life as the centerpiece of Ruffwear’s Meadow Stream collection,” said Susan Strible, Ruffwear’s Chief Marketing Officer.

“Reusing materials reduces waste, overhead, and most importantly, reduces our overall environmental impact. All of these things are important to us and ultimately helped our team come up with the idea for this new line.

Act fast if you want to please your best friend. Each piece of Meadow Stream Collection is a limited race.

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