Rigby Woman Empowering Children Through Wall Art

RIGBY – Aubrey Blackham from Rigby is passionate about art and from the first time she picked up a paintbrush she knew art would be her life’s work.

She started painting murals as a child and was paid to do so as a high school student.

Today, she is married with four boys and owns a business called Dearest Little Decals which designs and prints wall decals for nurseries and bedrooms.

“They are designed to inspire young children,” Blackham told EastIdahoNews.com. “Everything I create, I create with emotion. I pick a theme and pick a meaning with that theme, then go through all the colors I could potentially use and assign an emotion to go with it.

One set of decals, for example, is called Grit and features an image of green pines and white aspens. Another set called Flourish contains images of pink coral reefs and mermaids.

“On this wall we have a few little dinosaurs,” Blackham said, pointing to a wall inside a room in his house. “The idea is that everyone, even the dinosaurs, has left their mark on the earth, something that time really can’t erase. (It sends a message about your brand to the world) and what you want your heritage to be.

The company currently offers 14 different sticker sets and since its launch in August 2019, it has been sold to customers as far away as Texas, New York, Canada and even Germany.

Aubrey blackham

The concept of designing and printing decals, rather than spending many hours painstakingly painting, appeared on Blackham’s radar years ago when a client asked her if she could paint a giant mural on a wall at Brigham Young University-Idaho.

“At the time, I didn’t have the knowledge to know how to print murals, but we decided to put them on canvas,” Blackham recalls. “After doing some more research, (I learned there was a way) to print (a design) on a sticky material and put it on the wall (and) reduce the cost and hours involved. to paint directly on the wall. “

She started doing little projects here and there, which she found really enjoyable.

When she started having children, Blackham says she always hoped for a girl so that she could design a nursery for her.

“I saved all my ideas for a little girl who’s never been here,” says Blackham, noting that she adores her four boys. “When the fourth boy arrived, I said, ‘I’m running a daycare.’ I really enjoyed it. It got me thinking about all the nurseries that I missed.

These experiences became the inspiration for her business and she says Dearest Little Decals is helping her “fill a hole in her heart” to create something for little girls.

She now has her own printer, which allows her to do the whole process from home. See how it works in the video player above.

In addition to working for clients around the world, Dearest Little Decals also caught the eye of a Hollywood actress.

amber smith dinosaur roar book
Amber Smith holding a copy of the book illustrated by Blackham. | Twitter

Blackham recently illustrated a children’s book for a non-profit organization founded by actress Amber Smith and her husband, country music singer-songwriter, Granger, whose 3-year-old son died in a drowning accident. two years ago.

“They set up a non-profit fund in honor of their son and contacted me to illustrate a book about their son in Heaven… which was really gratifying. It’s called ‘Where the dinosaurs roar,’ ”says Blackham. “Several people have contacted me with so much gratitude for a book that actually explains to children where their loved ones are after they die. “

Blackham remembers spending four months in China at the age of 19 and getting a glimpse of what it’s like to live in less fortunate circumstances. This experience, combined with the book project, gave her a greater desire to become more involved in philanthropic efforts. She hopes more of these opportunities will arise.

“My heart is always touched by children, especially children who are in pain,” she said.

Everything Blackham creates represents hundreds of hours of work and she says it is gratifying to hear positive reviews from customers. She is excited to be doing what she loves and hopes it will continue to make a difference for years to come.

Visit the Dearest Little Decals website or Instagram page for more information.

Dora W. Clawson