Residents divided over new art installation at City Fields

The art installation is currently under construction.

The artwork is currently installed outside the entrance to City Fields, opposite the Shell Fuel Garage on Aberford Road.

The five meter high sculpture is inspired by the locks at Stanley Ferry.

The sculpture will be officially unveiled next month by the property developer.

Although not yet complete, the sculpture has already divided locals on social media.

One resident said, “I’ve lived in this neighborhood all my life and never had to look at such a monstrosity.

“I lived with mills, garages, forecourts, offices and pubs.

“None of them, old or new, has or is such an offensive building to the eyes.”

Another person added: Trees would be better appreciated.

However, one resident said, “There is always space for shared public art.

“It may not be to everyone’s taste, but surely it’s a good thing?”

Another resident added: ‘I personally think it’s fitting and lovely.

Constructed from two concrete pillars, the reverse side of the sculpture will contain the design of a lock gate.

The front of the sculpture will feature blue-colored glass and the entire structure will rest on black granite pavement with the inscription of a poem written especially for the site by local poet, Laura Potts.

It will also be illuminated using a combination of ground-level spotlights and fixtures flush with the granite paving.

Councilor Matthew Morley for Stanley and Outwood East, said: “As with anything in a work of art, opinions will be divided.

“I personally like it. They incorporated Stanley Ferry and the world famous workshop and its history.

“It mixes the old with the new and I’m sure people will have mixed feelings about it when it’s built.

“Once it’s built, it will simply become City Fields.”

In June, work began on a £10m development at City Fields.

The 110,000 square foot development, by DeVeer Estates, is located on Neil Fox Way and will be known as City Fields District Centre.

It will consist of eight commercial units including a 24,500 square foot supermarket, a nursery, an executive suite and 14 apartments.

Miller Homes will officially unveil the artwork next month.

Dora W. Clawson