Reading space design with art, plants and disco lights

Murcia. There is a library in Murcia where it is not always possible to study; where authors, academics, comedians and cartoonists meet depending on the situation; where the design defines the distances; And where creativity is a tool to reach readers, either with “author” files, escape room Virtual or playful interactions on the networks. It is to extend Regional Library of Murcia (BRMU), aged 25, under the supervision of thereuan Jose Lara Penaranda, transforming it into a “living organism” and a space of reference for regional culture.

And in this universe where the stars are the books, there is a space that since its creation in 2003 has become one of the most special corners of BRMU, comic book libraryin coordination Vincent Funes, which has recently been expanded by Murcian design studio Cartonlab. The objective is that this dynamic and Continuous renewal promotes evolution, contemporary, dynamic, attractiveness and openness to Various speeches and creative groups.

For this, the Murcian study wanted to confirm The concept of a flexible space that adapts to different activities, such as concerts, conferences, workshops, live radio broadcasts…, all with a project made up of just six simple mobile elements -3 platforms and 3 theater platforms– , which allows multiple combinations of uses.

Sit on the artwork

The pavilions also serve as a support for the gallery, showing on this occasion the polychrome universe of the Murcian painter. Ana Galvan. “His work, recognized internationally, fits perfectly into the interdisciplinary approach of the revival of the Comicteca. The theme of the selected illustrations revolves around comics and other artistic and technological disciplines,” they point out from Cartonlab.

They add that since the Comicteca was designed as an environment with its own identity within the library, a friendly refuge where the individual can feel comfortable and where each user can find their own place, ” natural plants Purchased from a local nursery, helped To create that sense of intimacy and independence, which is also a nod to sustainability in the form of local nature that makes the place more welcoming.

In addition, thanks to the contribution to the lighting design Light mixBoth for the stands and for the stage, it was possible to have the right lighting at all times, with the baselines of programmable colored LED lights, transforming this corner of the BRMU into a discotheque for reading.

As usual in this study, we started by making a complete cardboard prototype, checking its resistance and assembling it at Comicteca itself to check the appropriate measurements and scales for the project in space.

Dora W. Clawson