Prime Video’s Fallout series debuts concept art for brand new vault

Prime Video highlights a brand new vault from its upcoming Fallout series, as a new image gives fans a look at Vault 33.

Prime Video gave fans a first look at Vault 33 in its upcoming live action To fall series.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the famous post-apocalyptic video game franchise, the official Prime Video Twitter account recently released an image of a brand new vault. Although it is uncertain if the image is concept art or a photo, the number 33 seen on the backs of the two figures in the foreground seems to suggest that Vault 33 will appear in the series. The image also features a newcomer silhouetted by the blinding exterior light as well as the feet of a suspected corpse just inside the open vault door.

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Although it shares many visual similarities to the video game series it’s based on, from the blue and gold jumpsuits to the huge cog-like vault door, Vault 33 hasn’t appeared in official release. . To fall cannon. Likewise, the photos of Vault 32 from the live-action series that leaked online earlier this year also featured a never-before-seen but faithfully recreated underground bunker. Although no longer available, photos from the set showed the survival shelter in a state of disarray, with notable details like an overturned nursery and a poster depicting the cartoon Vault Boy that read, “THE OUTSIDE WORLD NEEDS CAN NEVER HURT YOU”.

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In July, a Twitter user shared behind-the-scenes photos of the together To fall, revealing outfits and accessories from the live production. In the photos, one of Vault-Tec’s signature blue jumpsuits can be seen on an actor whose face has been obscured, while another image features a glimpse inside a vault. Additional photos also revealed a set of power armor without the helmet as well as a bunch of what could be control panels, presumably used to operate the automatic doors inside the vaults.

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A glance To fallThe Staten Island set also surfaced earlier this year, as a YouTube user uploaded a pair of videos featuring a live version of Super-Duper-Mart — an in-universe supermarket chain that made appearances in Fallout 3, Fallout 4 and spin-off multiplayer game Fallout 76. The video reveals the Super-Duper-Mart logo version of Fallout 4 plus a few weathered atomic-age vehicles that seem quite at home in the radiation-scarred Wasteland.

To fall on Prime Video currently does not have a premiere date.

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