Post-Christmas accessories for the gearbox of your life

In case your wallet doesn’t get shredded from repeated use this holiday season, these are cute accessories for yourself or the motorist in your life. Some are essential, some are fun, but all are worth a look.

Lamborghini MW65 Headphones ($ 499)

Lamborghini, in case you haven’t heard, went into your head and-headphones business by partnering with New York-based premium audio brand Master & Dynamic. Developed by HiFi Master & Dynamic experts, these noise-canceling coatings coated with Alcantara Lamborghini The headphones have a battery that lasts 24 hours with a connection range of 100 feet. There is also an in-ear version. Inspired by Italian supercars, the collection consists of the MW65 active noise canceling wireless headphones and the MW07 Plus True wireless headphones.

The headphones are available in silver metal / light gray / yellow Alcantara, black metal / black yellow Alcantara and black metal / black gray Alcantara. Users can adapt the sound to their environment with both active noise canceling modes and can enjoy it for up to 24 hours on a single charge via bluetooth 5.0 with 30m / 100ft connection.

Hedon lets you design your own beautiful helmet

These helmets are wonderful art, understated and simple, but they will also protect your skull very well. You can choose between the four basic models; the classic Hedonist open face, the Epicurist open face, the Heroine Classic full face or the Heroine Racer full face. There is much, much more to this, however – read all about it.

What about the company? Formed in 2011, The bicycle shed has been a meeting point for people from all walks of life to share their passion for motorcycles. In 2015, they launched their site in East London – a restaurant, club, retail and exhibition space. Whether or not you’re in London or LA, their helmets are extremely ‘clean’, in today’s lingo, and you should own one and put it on the wall if you’re not wearing it.

Invoxia Cellular GPS Tracker for Cars and Motorcycles $ 129.00

On the surface this unit might look fancy, but it’s actually useful, especially if you drive a lot of places, make a lot of stops, and sometimes forget where you parked. (Including New Years Eve around this time downtown where it was 11 degrees) The Cellular GPS Tracker is so simple even a fool could operate it, and it includes a one-year data plan. If someone bought me this, I would be excited.

From the company: “Place the GPS tracker in your car, motorcycle, van, truck, boat, snowmobile, backpack, suitcase, beehive, tractor, photo and video equipment, professional goods or any other object. The only limit is your imagination. ”Cheers.

Motoscaphe watch, specially designed for motorcyclists $ 895

When an avid biker, veteran watch journalist and Beyond The Dial co-founder Allen Farmelo began pairing watches with his motorcycles and posting images on Instagram, Alsta CEO Angus MacFadyen, held out his hand. A week later, the Motoscaphe was under construction. Farmelo says he had “about 30 years to imagine this watch, because I literally thought about the perfect motorcycle watch for about that long.”

Motorcycle watches have almost always been cheap and flimsy things with a brand logo recklessly slapped across the dial. The Alsta Motoscaphe does not carry any specific brand of motorcycle, is built to the highest mechanical standards and “will reliably serve its owner and heirs for generations to come”.

Men’s Trio Bond # 9 Luxe $ 460.00

Bond perfumes # 9 are at the top, the colosseum, the Louvre museum. They also come with stylish and artistic boxes that look great in your bathroom cabinet. In this particular box are three ultra-masculine scents that Bond says “love women.” 50 ml each, they say. I would buy it if I were you. We’re not 30 anymore, damn it. We need all the help we can get, and you know it.

Volkswagen T1 Bus Travel Bag (MSRP $ 59.95)

This bag will await the hearts of the most hardened ex-hippies. Equipped with two carrying handles and made of a durable polyester fabric with a waterproof interior coating, this fun travel bag also showcases the infamous VW red bus, which offers ample space to store all your essentials and more. again. Say whatever you want about the kitsch factor – you won’t lose that bag.

Honey Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

I have boots for Christmas? This way.

It’s not easy to get excited about leather cleaning products, but when we used a small sample of Leather Honey Cleaner & Conditioner on a pair of battered motorcycle boots and saw how they came to life in less time. 30 seconds, the soul does a kind of happy dance. Leather honey was invented in the early 1960s, when a retired chemist met businessman Daniel McGowen, who had recently taken over his father-in-law’s Philadelphia manufacturing business. The two men informally discussed the potential benefits of effective sole treatment for shoes, which at the time were made entirely of leather. At that time, most commercially available leather conditioners contained solvents, which presented a fire hazard and produced toxic odors.

ASOS DESIGN western jacket in faux leather in gold snakeskin $ 91

How long are you gonna play it safe, man? Step outside in this loud but stylish and eco-friendly jacket, and watch the attention from all corners of the room fall on you.

Dora W. Clawson