Portage Ukrainian Kindergarten showcases its artistic talents – PortageOnline.com

Until June 22 at Prairie Merge Arts & Spectacles, the Ukrainian kindergarten Portage exhibits its 10th Annual Art Exhibition and auctions.

Lori Carpenter, the preschool principal, tells the story of the show.

“We started our art show about ten years ago, and we had always done our shows in the Trinity United Church auditorium, which was a nice facility for that. Then when COVID came along, we moved some of it to the art center so people could see it there. Last year we had all of our items there exclusively. This year we did a hybrid display model. So, we did two afternoons at Trinity United in the auditorium I think we had about 250 people that came to the exhibit and then on Monday morning we took it all to Prairie Fusion Arts & Entertainment and had it installed in the main gallery there. So it will be there from now until June 22.

Carpenter explains that each child completed four projects.

  • Watercolour/Self-portraits (children were given mirrors, plain paper, small notepads and permanent markers and were instructed to draw pictures of themselves.)
  • Rower Holton Paintings (Created by pouring up to 50 gallons of rainbow-colored paints onto plywood blocks and panels of various configurations.)
  • The Paper Lantern Project (the experience of painting on a three-dimensional object.)
  • The parent painting project (parents and children share a canvas.)

Carpenter adds that she strongly recommends people go see the artwork and read the stories that come with the parent projects.

Dora W. Clawson