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Dirty Arrow Street Wear is owned by mother and daughter Kim Johnston and Maggie Gonzalez respectively, and offers men’s clothing and accessories.

A new clothing store that caters to clothing and accessories for young men is now open.

The clothing store, Dirty Arrow Street Wear, is owned by a mother / daughter team, Kim Johnston and Maggie Gonzalez. The women opened their store on December 4, each offering their own unique talents and expertise in the field.

Johnston, who has been doing bookkeeping for over 40 years, also keeps the books of the company. Maggie takes care of most of the day-to-day operations and can be found all the time during office hours.

“I’m going to start my years off of working all the time, and she and I wanted to find something that would be fun to do,” Johnston explained of their decision to open the store. “It just happened, and we were like, ‘sure we can do it. “”

Gonzalez explained this because they considered a clothing store, but they thought there were a lot of large ladies’ stores in town.

“The guys only had a few options, so we kind of decided it was necessary,” explained Gonzalez of the new men’s clothing store.

She added that they chose not to focus on Western clothing, as men’s clothing was already well covered. Their niche is focused on clothing for young men. The store offers a variety of shirts, jackets, jeans and accessories. There are also a number of fun signs and home decor items to choose from.

Their store’s mantra is “Clothes and accessories for your everyday man”. Gonzalez said there are plenty of items for everyone, but their store is geared towards men. There are also men’s underwear, socks, hats, gloves and flannels. Lightweight jackets, hoodies, shaving kits and fun signs can also be found on the premises.

“We are looking for everything that relates to men,” added Johnston. “That’s what we’re trying to answer.”

The two women laughed at their different sense of humor, and their individual personalities are apparent when walking around the store. The women are both from Redmond and have made their home in Prineville. They both love the city.

“Prineville is a lovely place. We love to be here,” said Johnston. “I’ve been living her for over six years and Maggie has been here for four years now.”

Johnston said they have met and become friends with many business owners in the city. They were impressed that other businesses in the city refer their customers to other places in the city when they cannot offer what they are looking for. Business cards from other local businesses can be found at their reception desk.

“All the companies have supported us and they have definitely republished our posts,” said Gonzalez. “The support here is insane.”

“We plan to stay,” added Johnston.

Asked about their business name, Gonzalez explained that they were looking for a name that wasn’t Western, but still rustic and Prineville-themed. She personally loves arrows and has a wall in her living room with a collection of arrows. They found the name and found out that it was available – so the name was created.

Women have chosen to participate in downtown events organized by the Chamber of Commerce.

“We just want to be a part of it.”

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Sale Arrow Street Wear

Owners: Kim Johnston and Maggie Gonzalez

Address: 114 NW Second Street

Telephone: 541-233-8750

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Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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