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7 living room accessories for those nights when you want to binge-watch Netflix

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Are you counting the minutes during the work day until you can come home and watch your favorite Netflix series? U.S. too. Whichever series you find yourself in, having the right setup will make all the difference to your enjoyment.

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Of course, making plans to go out with friends is fun. But committing to the sofa for an entire evening to binge-watch the Netflix series is unmatched. From new Netflix originals to returning shows like Friends, there is enough content to fill your weekends from now on and into eternity.

If you thought all you needed was a Netflix connection and the remote, you’d be wrong. There is so much more to do to make the most of a Netflix night out. Check out these essential living room accessories to take your frenzy to the next level.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X All-in-One Controller

A remote control to control everything. No seriously. Sevenhugs smart remote control can connect to your smart TV for seamless Netflix browsing and playback. But it can also connect to all of your smart home devices, which means it only takes a few taps to set up the perfect frenzy marathon environment. Dim your lights, lock the door, manage the volume and everything you need for a perfect night.

SkyFloat Mid-Air Magnetic Tablet Holder

For those who don’t have a smart TV, your tablet is your primary viewing hub for Netflix. Rather than straining your neck, back, shoulders and arms, use SkyFloat. This amazing mounting system uses magnets to hang your tablet in the air. You can hang it over your bed, over your sofa, or even over the toilet if you find it totally necessary (for the right show it can be).

Modular sofa Burrow Nomad Sofa

Whether you’re watching on a TV or your tablet, the right binging deserves a comfortable and convenient place to watch it all. The Burrow Nomad is a modular sofa with a secret: it houses a built-in USB charger and a power cord that measures 72 inches. Now you can tweet the entire show live without worrying about recharging your smartphone. And, with such a long cord, you get full access wherever you sit.

Modular sofa Burrow Nomad Sofa

It has a built-in USB charger and a power cord

CouchCoaster Couch Cup Holder

The CouchCoaster is one of those things you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. Thanks to its incredible design, this nifty cup holder fits around your sofa armrest and prevents spills. Working with cans, bottles and mugs, CouchCoaster has high edges, which means your drink stays put even in the event of a shock. With peace of mind, you can sit back and gorge on your drink as much as your TV series.

Anker Nebula Prizm II HD LCD multimedia projector

If you’re looking to go a little further than a regular old TV, check out the Anker Nebula Prizm II. This HD LCD projector offers beautiful 1080p resolution. And, you have a 40-120 inch range for display size, which means you could pretty much fill your wall with a movie or TV show. If that’s not appealing enough (and it should be), this projector is also incredibly affordable, for under $ 240.

Anker Nebula Prizm II HD LCD multimedia projector

This portable device offers a Full HD experience on the big screen

Octane Turbo XL700 premium home theater seats

If you are a true fan of the Netflix frenzy, it is best not to skimp. The Turbo XL700 delivers a premium home theater experience right to your home. These reclining seats feature gel-infused memory foam, accessory docking station, charging station and built-in lighting. Be careful; once seated, you may never want to get up again.

YAMAZAKI Compact Tower Side Table

Sometimes it’s the simple things that really do it for us. This compact tower side table allows you to bring a tray directly to your seat on the sofa. Classic C-shaped, this table has a platform that slides right under your sofa. As a result, you can put the surface directly on your knees. Whether it’s for eating, holding the remote, or resting your drink, that means you can stay seated and relaxed without having to reach for the coffee table.

An essential accessory in your living room? Let us know in the comments!

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8 best laundry accessories

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Dock sock / Good housekeeping

There are two types of people in this world: the people who avoid doing laundry at all costs and the rare people who say that folding clothes brings joy. No matter where you are, there is no way around it: you always have to wash, dry, fold, iron, steam, etc. Fortunately, Amazon has a number of affordable and time-saving gadgets that will do laundry (aka all day for parents) more efficient, organized and, dare we say it, pleasant.

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Attach one of the trays to your favorite detergent or fabric softener to catch any leaks, drips or spills.

What the critics are saying: “No more pouring into smaller containers or knocking over large ones. If you have a shelf above your washer and dryer, they work great!”

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Say goodbye to mismatched socks: Throw one of these hanging organizers, which contains nine pairs of socks, in your washing machine to make sure no socks are left behind.

What the critics are saying: “It saves me a lot of time. My stack of socks went from a huge basket to a zippered bag the size of a gallon of stragglers.”

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Laundry Guard Haus Maus

Stop Sock Fishing: Prevent clothes from slipping off the sides or back of your washer by installing this 8 inch magnetizing guard on top of your machine.

What the critics are saying: “I have very little counter space in my laundry room and it allows me to use all that space above the washer and dryer to fold clothes.”


Reusable Kikkerland Hedgehog Dryer Balls

You are already reducing plastic in the kitchen (goodbye plastic straws!) So you might as well opt for an eco-responsible approach in your laundry room. These totally adorable and totally reusable dryer balls will keep the fabric soft and static free.

What the critics are saying: “Not only are these dryer balls super functional, they are also completely adorable!”

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Laundreez portable washing machine

Store this waterproof bag in your suitcase and put it to work when you need to freshen up your vacation clothes. To use it, add detergent, water and clothing of your choice, and massage the bag with your hands.

What the critics say: “I have completed a 100 day trip around the world! 47 countries. Most stayed in youth hostels. People kept asking me how I handled the laundry on this trip. Well … that’s how I handled it. “


Portable ironing mat

Turn any hard surface – table, counter, even the washer itself – into an ironing board with this thick quilted mat. An added bonus: it comes with a silicone pad for your iron so you can put it down without burning your clothes or worse, yourself.

What the critics are saying: “I hate taking out the ironing board just to iron a single shirt or pants while running. It was perfect ! “

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3-tier drying rack

If you’re short on floor space, take advantage of what’s above your head by hanging a three-tiered dryer to dry delicate clothes, swimwear and underwear.

What the critics are saying: “This product has saved me tons of money on dry cleaning expenses. I can wash 3 sweaters at the same time and reshape them for easy drying without taking up a flat surface.”

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Inside editor’s adorable mid-century modern nursery home

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Inside editor’s adorable mid-century modern nursery home

Decorating your first nursery is no easy task. Are you constantly guessing what you actually need (glider? Recliner? Combo !?) When designing our baby Isla’s nursery, I wanted to create a bright, beachy space that was mostly neutral in terms of genre with mid-century modern and bohemian vibes mixed together. With the help of natural textures, ocean-inspired decor, and just the right amount of teal and gold accents, Isla’s bedroom quickly became my favorite in the house. Check out all the details and must-haves below!

My favorite piece of the room is definitely the glider from AllModern. Its mint hue matches the bright colors of the jute rug, and the retro-inspired lines pair perfectly with a Mid-Century dresser and modern cradle.

To bring some art and beach style into the nursery, we created a gallery wall above the mid century mod cradle. And believe it or not, most of the pieces were from Target’s sale section – hello, framed prints and $ 2 wall hangings! The wall really helps tie the room together and brings in the surfer vibes I was hoping for.

The changing table area has been made so much softer with this world market rattan mirror. To add a more playful and personal look to the area, I took a parrot sketch from a local artist Daniel Garzi and a tricolor teal surfboard crafted by a good friend of ours.

And since no nursery is complete without a load of books, I stored the IKEA KALLAX shelving unit with baby readings, soft toys, woven baskets for storage and plenty of plants to brighten it up.

It’s safe to say that our little addition is quite comfortable (and cute!) In her new room. She’ll be adopting this beach-loving attitude before we even know it.

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Styling: Cassidy Miller

Do you have questions about decorating a child’s room? Share them with us on Twitter @BritandCo!

Brit + Co can sometimes use affiliate links to promote products sold by others, but always offer genuine editorial recommendations.

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Personalized Birth Announcement Printed Baby Shower Gift

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If you have a friend or family member’s baby shower but don’t know what to buy, fear not: the perfect gift is right here, and that’s about the most important thing. cute that is. This UncommonGoods print takes birth announcements to the next level, turning them into personalized art – perfect for decorating their nursery and it is a loving memory that the family can cherish forever.

BUY NOW Birth announcement of the coat of arms, $ 120, unusual products

An overview of custom icon options for each print.

Uncommon goods

The adorable print is illustrated by designer Patricia Carlin in colored pencil and features a crest with an upper and lower ribbon banner and two smiling monkeys. Everywhere you look there’s a super cute new little detail to find – the birds holding the lower banner, the tiny rocking horses at the four corners, everything is adorable. Within the four shield squares there are icons to represent all the different aspects of your standard birth announcement.

When it comes to customization, you can choose between a blue or pink banner color, add the child’s name, date of birth, weight, hometown, and zodiac sign, and there are multiple options for that the parents icon includes different gender and single parents. Each square print is framed – measuring 18 x 18 inches in total – and ready to hang with a string, so it’s a hassle-free gift for the recipient too.

You can check out an example of the print below and head over to UncommonGoods to order one.

Personalized birth announcement printing

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8 modern nursery design ideas you’ll want to steal

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Modern nursery design doesn’t necessarily mean pink and frilly, or blue and sporty, or covered in Elmo’s furry red likeness. Some of the best nursery spaces are clean, cool, and fully functional.

To get the modern look yourself, think of a nursery as a multi-purpose room. that should be fine your style (because really, what does baby know ?!), be comfortable and safe for baby, and give your little one a place to play and stimulate their creativity.

Need a spark for your own creativity? We’ve researched some of the coolest modern nursery design ideas.

1. The great explorer

The charcoal furniture in this nursery is the perfect neutral canvas, but we love the mural. A simple mountain design that anyone can make makes a big statement in this flying above the clouds nursery.

Photo by Leclair Décor


2. Hollywood glitter

Still want pink? Look for updated shades like this modern, understated shade. A few easy touches, like a beaded chandelier and bed canopy, add a ton of Hollywood glitz and glamor to this nursery without feeling like the small space suffers from “theme overload.”

modern nursery

Photo by Lori Gentile Interior Design


3. Rustic retreat

A simple wood-paneled wall and neutral furniture are all it takes to make this nursery feel like its own little cabin in the woods. Bonus: once baby grows up, you have the perfect one caveman.

modern nursery

Photo of Vanessa Antonelli, NessaLee Baby


4. Funky and modern nursery

This nursery is funky and cool with some mid-century modern furniture and some adorable pops of color. But the best part could be this awesome cactus wallpaper. Who Said Babies Can’t Be Plugged In?

modern nursery

Photo from Urban Home Magazine


5. Dance in layers

This nursery takes mobiles to the next level with tons of brightly colored paper lanterns and, yes, you see right, a disco ball. We bet baby will never be bored in this crib. To finish off the look, refresh an old crib with a touch of shiny coral.

modern nursery


6. Modern modular

Don’t have a lot of space for toys? This narrow nursery uses a lot of space with hanging cubicles that can store books, stuffed animals and toys. To keep the lockers from being boring, thin honey-colored wood panels complement the accent wall.

modern nursery

Photo by S2 Architects


7. Industrial baby

There is nothing funky about this nursery. The beamed ceiling gives the space an industrial and avant-garde atmosphere. The modern wood chandelier gives the room a funky focal point, while the simple fresco of trees and owls and the delicate white cradle keep the space soft.

modern nursery

Photo by MACNABs


8. Royal and bold

A nursery doesn’t have to be soft to be soft. This lavish space stands out from the crowd with matte black furniture, a beaded black chandelier, and a pop of rich color on a red accent wall.

The viewpoint on the heritage hills
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Pottery Barn Kids Nursery Room Collection

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If the idea of ​​a traditional nursery – a fluffy candy pink puff or a space that looks like the interior of a giant race car – ruins any desire you have to nest, there’s a whole new option. design to consider. Best of all, this is the one that will not only get you excited about decorating the nursery, but also make you want to spend more time there than in your own bedroom.

Today, Pottery Barn Kids unveiled their very first nursery collection, created in collaboration with celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott (you might already know their work if you’ve recently reworked their bedroom makeovers. ‘children of Jessica Alba).

But if you catch a glimpse of these trendy kids bedroom images and don’t notice a loose sheet or spill in sight, then don’t give up hope just yet. As new moms themselves, the designer duo know all too well the challenges of creating a space that’s baby-friendly but welcoming enough for an adult whose tastes don’t just involve primary colors.

“The nursery is such a special and magical place for parents and their new baby, so we really focused on creating a warm and familiar environment – soft, playful and comfortable for baby, while still being stylish and relevant to. parents, ”they said. we.

The exclusive collection – which has more than 80 pieces – includes not only decorative accessories, but also bedding, lighting, storage solutions and even furniture.

Read on for their tips on how you don’t have to be a professional stylist with a six-figure income to get a nursery that is the envy of 3-month-olds and 30-year-olds.

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Thanksgiving: dining room accessories, decoration

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You are having a Thanksgiving reunion for the extended family. You want to set a table that is refined and elegant, but not too fussy. A table that makes loved ones happy and comfortable. “Go for maximum impact with minimum effort, keep shapes and forms simple,” says Susan Spungen, author of “What’s a Hostess to Do? and culinary consultant for films such as “Julie & Julia” and “It is complicated. ”

Photos: Dress up your dining room table

Get expert advice with our Q&A with designer Tricia Huntley
Sculptural and versatile decanters, vases and trays can all serve as centerpieces. (Even better, they’ll last until Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Years.) Then add some natural elements to create an authentic vibe. “When it comes to Thanksgiving, I use all kinds of fruit and squash to decorate, because it was like that before,” explains Camille Saum, an interior designer in Bethesda. Using well-made, durable pieces with natural elements is also a way to honor an American tradition four centuries after the first Thanksgiving.

So set your table, then say thank you.

“My first thing to tell people to give as a gift is the Oval Oak Carafe ($ 38, for wine, ”says Daphne Olive, co-owner of Tabletop DC at Dupont Circle. “It’s so modern and so classic at the same time. There isn’t a house where it wouldn’t go.

To create a short-term centerpiece, “stack beautiful, seasonal produce on plinths,” says Susan Spungen, author of “”What’s a hostess to do?”(Artisan, 2013). Spungen recommends Tower Where Square pedestal trays by Serena & Lily ($ 78- $ 198, “These pedestals make instant centerpieces easy – just stack them with beautiful, seasonal fruits or vegetables.”

For a cocktail that impresses guests, Spungen recommends in his book a champagne cocktail, made by putting a piece of sugar at the bottom of a champagne glass, dipping it with two dashes of Bitters of Angostura, then pour in chilled champagne. For a chic bottle, Spungen likes the Camden Champagne Flute ($ 14,

“Gold can be really fantastic as a charger under a plate or a napkin ring,” says Spungen. “The festive notes add a bit of formality to the holidays.” Try the Paramount Dish Charger (set of four, $ 79.80, under a patterned or rustic-style plate for a neat and trendy look.

“Glass containers are wonderful,” says Olive. “You can put herbs and flowers in it – seashells, stones or leaves. You can put candles there on another day. You can even fill them with Christmas decorations. Crate & Barrel Baird Covered Server ($ 59.95, www.crateand will also keep cakes, fruit and cheese cool for a cocktail or buffet meal.

In Spungen’s book on entertainment, she writes, “If you’re entertaining a crowd or serving drinks outside, stemless glasses are great because they aren’t as delicate as stemmed glasses and you can. put a lot of it in the dishwasher at the end. of the party without fear of breaking them. Try the Color-Drop stemless wine glass ($ 14,; the subtle touch of gold at the bottom is warm enough for a fall meal and festive enough for a glitzy holiday gathering.

“The best way to set a table is to have some really fun pieces to put in the center,” says Olive, who admits that vases are her personal obsession. When not in use for its initial use, the Billy Cotton White Stoneware Pitcher ($ 39, www. can serve as a centerpiece and a vase.

For a fresh take on Thanksgiving, skip the turkey – at least in your dinnerware. Williams-Sonoma Pewter Pheasant Place Card Holder ($ 99.95 for a set of four, could be more authentic: Historians say pilgrims had poultry on that first Thanksgiving in the 1600s, but it’s unclear if turkey was on the menu.

Natural Color China Blue Natural Tablecloth ($ 72- $ 100, www.color brings a subtle autumnal touch to the table with its yellow and wheat color pattern. If you are using uneven card tables or rough plywood for additional dining space, Spungen recommends laying down a layer of foam or table cushions first. “It makes the surface smoother to put your glasses on,” she says.

For a table you prefer to showcase, use placemats or table runners. Sferra’s Dusty Hemstitch table runner is available in 10 soft shades ($ 47, to suit all styles. Spungen likes to take a few runners and place them in rows on the table for a striped look.

Baroque oval serving tray from Sur la Table ($ 39.95 – $ 49.95, can dress more than the turkey. This would make a perfect canvas for Spungen’s favorite centerpieces: seasonal finds from the Farmers’ Market. She turns to unexpected plant heroes such as Romanesco cauliflower and broccoli for texture and a crunchy chartreuse green color.

Olive advises hosts and hostesses with small spaces (and little room for elaborate centerpieces) to find beauty in functionality. Even practical pieces such as an ornate carving set – try the two-piece Japanese bird carving set by Ricci Silversmiths ($ 85, – add to the mood.

Saam likes silver and pewter platters for their versatility, including Juliska’s pewter stoneware turkey platter ($ 248, “It can be used for a party, even at Christmas, and really be a multi-use item,” she says. “I always get extra greens with my trees and just make sure they get washed and use them at Christmas to decorate my platters. “

“It’s nice to have little metallic touches,” Spungen says, though she warns not to overdo it. “Gold cutlery can be really fantastic. Or a charger under a plate or napkin ring. Chilewich napkin rings in various colors ($ 9, deliver both the shine of stainless steel and the texture of vinyl in a basket weave pattern.

Photos: Dress up your dining room table

Get expert advice with our Q&A with designer Tricia Huntley

Roberts is a freelance writer. It can be found at

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Very modern cover of the Garage magazine nursery rhyme

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“Harry the hare is waiting,” proclaims the last issue of Garage magazine, under a cartoon image of, yes, a heavily pregnant hare carrying Jil Sander and her partner, Frederick the Fox, decked out in Prada.

It’s not easy for a publication to follow a first issue that featured a Damien Hirst tattooed vagina on the cover just a few months ago. (Don’t worry: there was a butterfly sticker covering the private parts on the booth numbers so as not to offend curious eyes.)

Corn Garage, a brilliant favorite of artists and designers, is again squarely inserted into the national conversation. Amid the overturning of Proposition 8 and the passing of a same-sex marriage bill in Maryland, the entire second issue is devoted to the changing nature of love and relationships. The idea lends itself to countless cover stories, but it’s very interesting that the magazine turned something as harmless as nursery rhyme characters into a commentary on where the country is heading.

As Garage Founder and editor Dasha Zhukova explains that the inspiration for the cover came from the event called Same-sex marriage hosted by artist Yayoi Kusama in a loft in downtown New York in 1968. “Kusuma named herself High Priestess of the Peas while officiating the marriage of two gay men, and she designed a large wedding dress that both men were wearing, “Zhukova told The Beast of the Day. “I think Kusama’s consolidation of politics and art, fashion, pageantry, makes a political statement that has really been the inspiration for the animated coverage we did.” (The issue is now in select international newsstands.)

At the time, the Kusama protests were aimed at provoking and protesting the Vietnam War. Today, at 82, Kusama is the subject of a extensive exhibition at Tate Modern. His work seems more relevant than ever, and the outfitting of “Frederick the Fox” and “Harry the Hare” in haute couture gives a contemporary twist to the whole tribute.

The rest of the magazine ranges from a thought-provoking interview with education star Michelle Rhee, who says it’s important for kids to regain a competitive spirit instead of constantly praising them, to meeting the sex therapist. always entertaining, Dr Ruth Westheimer. , who talks about her job in a New York City Planned Parenthood office in the 60s, where her first thought was, “All they do is talk about sex!” The theme continues with artist Julian Schnabel having a very candid conversation with his daughter Stella about love and sex. “We wanted to approach the topics of sex and relationships today in a fun way, but in a broad and investigative way,” Zhukova said. “More culture than excitement.”

There are plenty of both. The features are interspersed with dozens of great photo ops, and there’s a lot of clever art direction involved. Snippets from writer Derek Blasberg’s inbox are printed in a wickedly funny column titled “Emails from the Edge.” , with only the names of the senders redacted. (Woe is the friend described in a missive as a “speedballing crackhead, nosebleed.”)

This illusory hold of the Internet on the world is also explored. As our browser windows go, so does the nation. David Brendel examines the effect of the digital world on the bedroom. “The repressed global libido has emerged through new digital avenues,” he writes, as he questions if this is also the beginning of the end. “We dictate what the Internet brings to us,” Zhukova said. “If the Internet reflects our demands, it’s a fight between our need for love and our need for sex. I think the internet is kind of on the sex side … and it’s funny when you say ‘internet’ because that’s really us the users.

But what about those well dressed animal blanket stars? It is all well and good for adults (indisputably Garagetarget audience of) to see these reimagined fairy tales as a progressive take on society, but how long will it take parents to open “Harry the Hare Awaits” at bedtime for their children? “I think the struggle to come to an agreement and decide what the next generation will be taught always leaves something like nursery rhymes somewhere behind time,” Zhukova said. “But I would like to think that each specific generation grows up leaving behind the mistakes or prejudices of a previous generation.”

Hare-uh, here is Hoping.

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Lalilu launches a collection of trendy organic cotton children’s clothing, a range of art, decoration and luxury bedding for the nursery

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“Little Heart Breaker” 100% organic cotton

“At Lalilu, we believe that there is little choice for boys’ clothing in terms of colors, styles and art expression, and we are working hard to accomplish a new fashion trend,” said said Diana Gailing, founder and chief designer of Lalilu.

Lalilu announces the launch of its new organic cotton children’s clothing for little boys and girls, from birth to 10 years old.

The Lalilu product line includes hand-painted nursery illustrations, accessories and luxury silk bedding.

Lalilu at is a children’s clothing brand and children’s product design company founded in 2008 by CEO and Chief Designer, Diana Gailing. The company was founded on the principle that children’s clothing should be comfortable and practical, yet stylish and fun in the most environmentally friendly way. With particular emphasis on bringing innocence back to little boys’ fashion that seems to be lacking in today’s market.

Lalilu offers a new collection of modern and sophisticated clothing for young children who are not limited by traditional colors and patterns. The designs are unique and whimsical and feature simplicity and style.

From little angel wings to racing cars to the iconic logo of the brand’s angel crest. Printed on premium super soft interlock cotton and certified 100% fair trade organic cotton. The collections include long and short-sleeved baby jumpsuits, coordinating yoga-style pants, toddler t-shirts, thermal clothing and dresses.

Lalilu offers a nice selection of coordinating knot hats, bibs and reception blankets.

The brand’s clothing collections are aimed at boys and girls and range from newborn to size 10.

The collections sell for between $ 14 and $ 69 US.

Lalilu is dedicated to manufacturing in an environmentally sustainable and ethical manner.

All clothing is proudly made in the USA.

The company recently included a full line of nursery and children’s artwork, accessories and luxury silk bedding in its collection.

The collections are designed to coordinate and complement each other. Heirloom quality artwork features paintings and embellishments on canvas. Quality and attention to detail are paramount in every product, and every hand-painted item is expertly crafted with the utmost care and dedication. The colors are carefully chosen to create harmony, interpret and bring each motif and theme to life, be it songbirds, butterflies, bees, flowers, sweet rabbits in the garden, dreamy teddy bears and adorable little angels. Classic or contemporary designs complement each other. Patterns are a wonderful addition to a nursery or nursery. All models will evolve with a child from infancy to toddler and beyond.

The paintings sell for between $ 120 and $ 375 US.

For more information about Lalilu, please visit the company’s website at

About the founder

Diana Gailing is the artist / designer of children’s clothing behind the brand “Lalilu”.

Diana was born and raised in a small town near Frankfurt, Germany. She always comes back to visit her family who frequently live in the countryside. His very solid upbringing and love of nature are inherited from his parents. With her love for children and her passion for all things green, Diana’s mission is to make the world a better place for our children. Lalilu was born to share her care with parents around the world.

Diana is also the proud mother of four children, two boys and two girls, all of whom are Lalilu models.

“Lalilu is a reflection of my long-standing passion for art and design. My own children are my greatest inspiration, memories and dreams as they come to life through my art,” she says.

Diana has her office and design studio near Los Angeles, California, where she oversees Lalilu’s business operations and website

The brand’s mission

Inspire new parents around the world to celebrate childhood, integrate past fashion trends with future trends, and remember the importance of innocence and gentleness in every child.

# # #

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