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Small in size, but big in style. A look at the top five design trends for nurseries in 2022

Floral wallpaper ties this nursery together; (Photos: Deepak Aggarwal)

A daycare center where a child will eat, sleep and play. A place where they will learn and relax, and which must grow with them, while meeting all their needs. Let’s discover the key trends of the year for this very special space.

  • We no longer see specialized characters like superheroes or themes in children’s rooms. As a result, spaces are becoming more and more gender neutral, traditional gender barriers are breaking down to bring a unisex decorating style.

    An imaginative bedroom with the world map and playful hues

  • Popular themes for bringing the outdoors into the home are florals, trees, nature/jungle, which are serene, calming and whimsical. Stars and sky themes are also popular with crescent moons, stars, planets, clouds and suns making them great visual icons for kids and encouraging curiosity about the outside world .

    An ocean-themed wall with a matching chest of drawers

  • Neutral color palettes are trending because they give a cool and chic casual look. Traditional barriers between strong colors are dissolved to bring a muted decorating style. Strong, vibrant color can be used in many shades and shimmers, to think beyond pink for girls and blue for boys.
  • The pandemic years have emphasized the privacy and functionality of spaces. Dedicated study and play spaces have become very important in the wake of online learning and working from home. A common space for engagement and play, creatively arranged, can be a source of pleasure for all members of the family. Functionality and privacy therefore go hand in hand, and since space is limited, its planning becomes crucial, especially when parents and children use the same space for studying, working online and playing.
  • Polka dots, stripes, vintage wallpapers and wooden furniture look chic and elegant. The warm tones of the colors around you, such as coral, cadmium yellow, azure blue and sunset orange, instill a feeling of comfort and shelter.

Romilla Tewari is the Founder and Creative Director of ThinkCutieful, a Delhi-based design and e-commerce services brand.

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