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A cute bunny wearing a beret in a sailor striped sweater. A baby bear with bees buzzing around its ears. A waddling duckling in a pair of oversized shoes. Kindness overload alert: Junko Van NormanThe compelling art prints are technically aimed at the (very) junior ensemble, but I can attest to their overwhelming multigenerational appeal. In fact, they’ve become a kind of guilty pleasure at work – if I’m having a particularly stressful afternoon, all it takes is one glance at Van Norman’s Etsy shop to bring me back to my happy place.

Matted duck and baby cat prints, $ 17 each.

Obviously, the San Francisco artist has a strong connection to animals, and his biography confirms it. (“I was often left at home alone with my hamsters and pet birds while my mom worked late at night,” she recalls. “I was also a shy little girl who loved art. .. Often times I would spend hours scribbling my dream world on pieces of paper and decorating my room with them. “) The gently old-fashioned nature of Van Norman’s style – she reproduces her original oil paintings on matte paper or cotton canvas – is totally refreshing in the era of hipster typography Excellent nursery art, sure; but in my next home they just might have a special place in my living room.

Funny Duck Framed Canvas Print, $ 45.
Bear art print, $ 45.

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