Nigerian Man Jerks His Mom Off, Takes Her To Bedroom In Funny Video And Locks Her Up For Yelling At Them So Soon

  • A young Nigerian man defended his siblings in a funny video after their mother yelled at them
  • The man shook her from behind and carried her away to lock her mother up in a bedroom
  • The reason for the move was not just because she was screaming, but because she was doing it so early in the morning.

A funny video showed the moment a Nigerian mother was taken and locked in her room by her own son.

In the TikTok clipthe woman was filmed raising her voice in front of her adult children.

He lifted the woman off the ground and carried her away. Photo credit: TikTok/@thelifeofcoko
Source: UGC

Mom carried off like a kid

Seconds into her rant, one of her sons, David, picked her up from behind.

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The young man ignored her calls to stop as he carried her and locked her in a room. She could only laugh.

His siblings laughed a lot as he reappeared fully on stage after locking up their mother.

Wording superimposed on the video explained that the move was necessary because she was screaming way too early in the morning. The video was captioned:

“We have to get her out because it was actually 10 a.m..”

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social networks

chigolic said:

“She knew she deserved jail time, why don’t our parents have any knowledge of the time zone.”

Grace ♊ said:

“I feel like it’s an African mum thing if they’re up, everyone has to be up too.”

Shumbresse70 said:

“I feel like one day my youngest son is going to do this to me. I have to admit I’m still in his room scolding him.”

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ProHollow said:

“The way she gave up and got carried away.”

Cheers said:

“She didn’t even fight, I guess it’s not the first time.”

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