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STEAM Challenges for Newington Students

Children at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate are on a roll when it comes to learning science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Known as STEAM, the topics are part of the school’s core curriculum and have been the subject of a week-long project for all age groups, from kindergarten to grade 6. .

Each group took on a challenge inspired by fairy tales and classic stories.

Year 6 designed and crafted shoes for elves and cobbler; Year 5 helped the turtle from the fable of the hare and the turtle to build a fast vehicle; Year 4 created a means of transportation to aid the gingerbread man’s escape across a river; and Year 3 helped Rapunzel escape from her tower.

The task facing the Year 2 children was to help Jack lower his golden eggs safely onto the giant bean without breaking any, while Year 1 built a bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Newington’s young girls and boys also completed STEAM week chores with the party baking delicious cookies as a treat for Little Red Riding Hood, while kindergarten students made friends to keep the breadman company. ‘spice.

Vice Principal Taralee Kennedy explained, “Our children really enjoyed their challenges which encouraged problem solving, teamwork and creative thinking. They all put a lot of energy and enthusiasm into their role as scientists, engineers, technicians, artists and mathematicians.

“It is important to give children the skills and qualities to face an ever-changing future. Newington students develop what it takes to be successful – they know they need to be resilient, put in the effort to solve problems and think about how to improve. STEAM Week provided ideal opportunities to work on and practice these vital skills. »

Principal Hannah Tudor described STEAM week as positive and stimulating for the school community and added, “Our staff oversaw a wide range of stimulating and engaging assignments that challenged our students on many levels.

“It was a fun and inspiring week of learning that fueled their aspirations to design, build and test the best possible project.

“Our goal is to encourage our students to become curious and use critical thinking by developing a passion for these topics as their educational journey continues and develops.

“STEAM education is also seen as contributing to closing the gender and ethnic gaps seen in some of its core subject areas internationally, such as science and math.

“We continue to equip our children for the rapidly changing, highly technological, information-based society that is central to all of our lives.”

Dora W. Clawson