New farm shop and tea room open on the A37 in Somerset

An application has been approved for a new farm shop and tea room on a farm off the A37.

The planning application was filed with the South Somerset District Council in September and proposed the new retail site at Newlands Farm, on the outskirts of the village of Keinton Mandeville.

The planning request was accepted by council last week because it presented a “justified” agricultural diversification program, which would benefit the local economy.

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The notice of approval stated: “Due to its size, design, scale and materials, combined with restrictions on the scale and scope of retail operations, it respects the character of the area and does not damage residential equipment.

The suckler cow farm is family-owned and produces Simmental and Aberdeen Angus cattle, with 120 cows on the land, according to planning documents.

There are also pigs and chickens raised on the land and cultivated fruits and vegetables.

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The town planning documents indicated that the applicant’s children and grandchildren lived on the farm and helped with its operation.

The documents read: “The proposal will help build and maintain a diverse and sustainable agricultural enterprise and is a form of use that is encouraged and supported by local and national planning policies.

“This will contribute to the sustainability of the settlement and the building itself will have minimal impact on the local rural landscape and countryside.

“There is no negative impact on residential equipment and the existing access and proposed parking meet the required standards. “

An initial planning request for the site was granted last year, but revised plans show the owner is hoping to change the materials on offer to build the shop and tea room.

The original material was natural stone, while plans now show that they will be built using engineered stone as an alternative.

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Dora W. Clawson