New Escape Room Experience Opens Saturday | New

New entertainment experience opens in Norfolk on Saturday October 1st.

Austin Truex and Kiley Anderson open the Encrypt escape room at 123 N 4e Street.

Truex told WJAG News: “An immersive brain puzzle, that’s how I like to think of it. Teams of 3-6 people have an hour in a themed room with basically a sequence of puzzle games and puzzles to solve. If they solve the puzzles in time, they escape the room and win the game.

Truex says there are two different themed rooms. The first is “Playroom Pandemonium” which looks like a children’s nursery. This room is great for kids as the babysitters work together to find a missing teddy bear.

The second room is called “supervised” and it is set up like a judicial police laboratory. Participants assume the role of detectives accused of murder and work to clear their names.

Truex says he came up with the idea after hosting a fundraiser for an escape room at the Elkhorn Valley Museum last summer. He says it went pretty well and decided there was enough interest to open a full-fledged business. He says: “We have worked very hard and had great support from the community, family and friends. That’s what got us to this point and we’re excited to share that with everyone.

They will be open from Thursday to Sunday. Reservations are preferred but walk-ins are welcome if space permits.

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Dora W. Clawson