My mother in law insisted she be in the delivery room…I said no and now my husband says he won’t be there without her

CHILDBIRTH is one of the most intimate and personal times of your life and it’s up to you who you want to be around.

However, a mom-to-be brought it to the AITA (Am I the a**hole) section of Reddit after getting into a rather nasty situation with her stepmom.


Readers were in shock, with many believing she was reasonable with her request to give birth without the mother-in-law in the same roomCredit: Getty

The 30-year-old, who is expecting a baby boy with her 33-year-old partner, wrote that her mum – described as ‘a busy body type but can be helpful at times’ – has invited the two to dinner, where she reportedly’ ‘an important request to make”.

“She presented her request at the table and blatantly said that she wanted to be in the delivery room with me when I gave birth.

“I was surprised by her request – I really thought it had something to do with the nursery or the diaper brand.


“I said I was sorry but only my mother and my husband will be there.”

This, the woman continued, was not taken very well, as the mother-in-law “made a face, was quiet for a while” before speaking about it again.

According to her, she ‘kept pushing saying she was as much of a grandma as my mum and she just wanted to be there to support him and have the opportunity to see her little one’s first moments. -child ”.

“I just stared at her and said ‘it’s okay, you can have the opportunity to be in the delivery room when your son is delivering’.”

This comment left everyone speechless, as the mother-in-law quickly left the table and the husband insisted they leave right after.

“In the car he asked me ‘which brain cell’ made me think it was a good idea to tell his mother.

“I told her her mom keeps pushing after I already gave her an answer,” she wrote.

“He still said that was the most shitty shit he’d ever heard me say.

“I replied that I was just frustrated and didn’t want to hurt her and cause her problems.”

However, things quickly went from bad to worse, as the husband then declared that if his mother was not allowed in the room, he would not be there either.

Fellow Redditors were in shock, with many believing the mum-to-be was being reasonable with her request.

“I would calmly ask him if he would be willing to be naked, covered in sweat and blood, screaming and in pain, completely vulnerable in front of his MIL,” one user wrote.

“Actually what you said makes sense considering we’re talking about your body here,” agreed for a second who added that she wasn’t the ‘a**hole’ in the situation.

“I would tell him that if he doesn’t come into the delivery room when I deliver and if he doesn’t support my decision about my body, our marriage will be over and it shouldn’t bother me at all to come to the hospital. because he will have to wait until I return to my parents to meet our son.”

”Giving birth is not a spectator sport,” commented a third, with a fourth writing: ”Any man who chooses his mother over his wife in situations like this is not ready to to marry. ”

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