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The new mum didn’t think it was a big deal to change her baby’s diaper in a restaurant, but one restaurant told her it was disgusting.

My baby boy, *Henry is six months old and we’ve been pretty much inseparable since he was born. I love and love being with him all the time, he is a very happy and smiling baby and for me being a mother has been a really natural, simple and fun process.

It was only a few weeks ago that I was out at lunch with friends I ran into my very first parenting issue, but it had nothing to do with anything Henry had done. It was because of the judgment of a stranger.

I was at a local RSL waiting for my main course to arrive when my friend returned Henry to me after holding him back. I noticed that her diaper felt full.

Not liking to wait too long when it happens because he has bad diaper rash, I started doing what I always do.

From my bag, I took out his changing mat, a garbage bag, wipes and a fresh diaper. I put the changing mat on the bench seat between me and another friend to provide some privacy and started changing his diaper.

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The mom didn’t think twice before changing her baby in the dining room of a restaurant. Photo: iStock

Mom shamed for changing her baby in public

However, unlike all the other times I’ve done this in a public space, this time a man passed while I was changing him and shouted “Excuse me”, at the top of his voice in my direction.

At first I didn’t notice it but after it repeated several times a friend of mine nudged me. I looked up to see a red-faced, scowling man staring directly at me.

“What do you think you are doing?” He shouted.

“You can’t change your baby’s diaper here, it’s a restaurant, people eat. It is inappropriate, disgusting and unsanitary. Nobody needs to see this.

I sat there stunned and so shocked by his long tirade that I couldn’t answer him, in fact it was the answer of all my friends until one of them who had heard enough ends up speaking up and politely asks him to leave. .

The man walked away, but by then I was shaking and on the verge of tears, tears that I managed to hold back until I got into my car to drive home.

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changing table public toilets

She worries that the public changing tables are dirty. Photo: iStock

Mom worries about being judged for public diaper changes

At the time my friends all comforted me and told me not to worry it was that man’s problem not mine but I left that day feeling like a absolute failure and like some kind of savage who had never been in public before.

I then thought back to all the other times I had done the same thing. In fact, I’ve only ever used a handful of public changing tables because when I used them I found them dirty or poorly equipped. Also, I know what goes on in some public restrooms, especially what the changing tables are for, and I don’t want to risk my baby inadvertently touching anything that could endanger him and the idea of ​​that happening. produce where my baby should be safe is all about me.

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Although I have good intentions to change my baby in public, I wonder how many other people are judging me too? How many others have seen it and quietly whispered it to family or friends? How many people think it’s disgusting, unsanitary and inappropriate?

The reality is that I use a changing mat, I have wipes, bags, clean diapers on hand. I try to make it as unobtrusive as possible by changing it between people or against a back wall. It’s not like I put it on a shared banquet table in the middle of two courses or on the sushi train everyone chooses food over something. I think that’s perfectly fine and when I’ve seen other parents do that whether it’s at the pub or at the beach, I continue to do what I do without batting an eyelid.

Now though, I feel like I’m a bad mother, like I’ve been doing something unacceptable for months and maybe, just maybe the man was right to make me shame on mom.

Dora W. Clawson