Modern nursery plan unveiled by Bedworth School

An elementary school in Bedworth has unveiled plans for a nursery to help meet demand.

The Canons C Of E primary school wishes to construct a modular building on the existing playground.

It will serve as a nursery and can accommodate up to 30 children.

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In a request to Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council by the governors of the Derwent Road based school, he says this is necessary due to increased housing / demand in the area.

He says the project includes:

  • Construction of the proposed new modular building comprising of a nursery classroom and associated store, cloakroom and kitchenette, sensory room, small group room, additional offices as well as cleaning and storage spaces, meeting rooms , toilets for boys and girls and an accessible toilet.
  • Provision for works / external access revised around the proposed development
  • Removal of existing trees near the proposed modular building.

The request adds: “To meet government and educational requirements, the proposal is to provide a new specially designed nursery and community building, including an office, sensory, kitchenette, meeting rooms, toilets, storage space. and a cloakroom.

“The project will include a perimeter fence to provide the required security and protection. The proposed project will provide additional modern and appropriate teaching space and community meeting space.

“The proposed new development has been designed taking into account the surrounding context and the location of the most important elements of the school, appropriately located and sized on the site.

“The project will provide educational facilities for the kindergarten age group and provide a high quality environment for children to receive early childhood education in a school setting.

What is happening now?

The request will be studied by the borough council planning team.

As part of this, a public consultation is organized on the proposal, details of which can be found on the council’s website.

After the consultation was completed on January 11, the target date for a decision on whether to green light the plans was set for February 1 of next year.

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Dora W. Clawson