London Council wins £ 7million to rebuild nursery and family center

A nursery and a family center will be renovated as part of the regeneration of a housing estate in West London.

Brent’s council has announced plans to renovate the Granville Plus Kindergarten and Granville Family Wellness Center in South Kilburn.

The £ 7.75million project is part of wider plans to improve South Kilburn, including new homes and job opportunities.

The council said the nursery and family center would benefit from “modern and sustainable facilities” as a result of the upgrades.

There are also plans to make the older buildings on the estate more environmentally friendly and to expand the shared workspace at the Granville Center.

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As part of this latest development, 18 social housing on a human scale will also be built. Work should start next year.

Chief Regeneration Advisor Shama Tatler said, “The Carlton and Granville Centers are at the heart of the South Kilburn community.

“We are excited to revamp and expand these much-loved community spaces and facilities, while creating more opportunities for local people – from local jobs to training.

“At the same time, 100% of the new houses under construction on the site will be social rent, which will change the lives of 18 local families.

“We are eager to get started and will work closely with our center-based partners to ensure that their services continue to operate seamlessly throughout the duration of the work. “

While the board was keen to highlight the positive aspects of South Kilburn’s regeneration program, it also faced problems.

Earlier this year, the council agreed to pay £ 18.5million to fix faults in some of its houses on the estate – more than what was spent to build them.

Residents have also denounced what they see as the area’s overdevelopment, while others say they have been affected by siding issues, which means their homes are now “unsaleable”.

Dora W. Clawson