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Bindy Bitterman was first featured on Chicago Tonight years ago when she ran an Evanston-based antique store. She has since closed up shop and embraced a new creative outlet rooted in rhyming words.

Skiddly Diddly Skatis Bitterman’s new children’s book, a project she arrived at by accident.

“Somehow ‘Skiddly Diddly Skat’ came to mind and I said, ‘Oh, the kids would like that! They were saying ‘Skiddly Diddly Skat’ like a nursery rhyme. I just wrote some limericks about a mouse and a cat that get in trouble at a laundromat and they get thrown in a washing machine and they’ve been swapped,” Bitterman said. “They come out, and the mouse meows and the cat goes eek!”

Bitterman says her joy of writing limericks came after subscribing to Wordsmith’s “A Word a Day” challenges. She would write a limerick around an uncommon word and would often win the best limerick in their daily contests.

“There are always five lines. It doesn’t have to be the same thing, but the first, second and fifth should have the same number of syllables,” Bitterman explained. “The third and fourth are (imitates).”

So when the phrase “Skiddly Diddly Skat” came to mind, she started writing. Before she knew it, she had created a book.

“At 90, thankfully, I’m fine financially, and hopefully for the rest of my life,” she said. “The book is $20. I’m not doing it to make money. People stop and thank me, thank you enough.

With the help of a QR code, people can even hear Bitterman read the story itself.

“Creating it was one thing. People seem to like it. I sold the initial print of 300 before Christmas,” Bitterman said.

She said the project also gave her a sense of pride.

“It’s a good limerick…and well illustrated and people love it,” Bitterman said. “What more can you need.”

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Angel Idowu is the JCS Fund of DuPage Foundation Art correspondent.

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