Little People star Audrey Roloff’s baby boy Radley plays in bedroom with DIRTY clothes and trash amid ‘bad’ parental claims

AUDREY Roloff has again been criticized for her messy lifestyle.

This time the Little People, Big World star is being slammed for letting her young son Radley play in a room full of dirty dangers.


Baby Radley, 9 months, jumps in front of her dirty roomCredit: Instagram/@audreyroloff
Mother Audrey Roloff does not excuse the mess


Mother Audrey Roloff does not excuse the messCredit: Instagram/Audrey Roloff

In an Instagram story, Audrey, 31, shared a video of her nine-month-old son jumping into a baby bouncer attached to a wall frame outside what appeared to be his nursery.

The toddler was all smiles as he writhed nonstop.

Mom even captioned the video, “My jumping bean.”

But behind the bean, clearly visible, was a mess of pointy toys strewn across the floor, including a construction truck, books and papers, and action figures.

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Audrey made no apologies for the mess, defending it in a follow-up post.

“Y’all…it’s nothing,” she shared. “And in case you’re new here, this is (and certainly won’t be in the months to come) your place for perfect home content.”


Even before baby Radley arrived, her nursery was a mess, as Audrey struggled to keep it clean.

Last October, just a month before he was born, Jeremy Roloff’s wife gave fans a glimpse of her new baby’s nursery, which included a crib, baby toys, a bouncer and a neck pillow , all on the ground.

A pile of baby clothes has been compiled in the middle of the floor, while the room also includes what appears to be a suitcase ready for the upcoming delivery.

The reality star captioned the clip: “Baby room number 3.”


Audrey’s neglect also seems to extend to her car.

In February, the mum-of-three showed off the interior of her car, which revealed junk and coffee-soaked wires.

Audrey downloaded a boomerang from the drink that had fallen on the floor of the vehicle onto a pile of wires and the children’s artwork.

She explained the mess with the caption: “When you forget you put it back in the console.”

The following story showed that her message received a reply from her husband Jeremy, who said: “Mad”.

Sharing it with her followers, she replied with sassy feedback and joked, “Cares more about the truck than my caffeine needs alone with the kids…” followed by an eye-rolling emoji.


Even an activity as innocent as a game night can become dangerous at the Roloff house – as evidenced by the children playing Candyland next to a crackling fire – without screens or guards.

In a video shared, Audrey’s two other children, Ember, four, and Bode, two, ran around the living room while playing the iconic board game.

However, as wholesome as the music video was, some fans were extremely concerned about how close Bode was to stumbling towards the open fireplace.

Fans took to Reddit to chime in.

One expressed, “I get anxious.”

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Another added: “Fucking shit that causes anxiety.”

A third wrote: “Candyland by the fire about to be candyland IN the fire.”

Audrey teased followers not to expect pictures of a clean house


Audrey teased followers not to expect pictures of a clean houseCredit: Instagram
She's already given fans a glimpse of her messy car


She’s already given fans a glimpse of her messy car
Audrey was criticized for letting her children play games in front of an open fireplace


Audrey was criticized for letting her children play games in front of an open fireplaceCredit: Instagram

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